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Founded in 2020 by Ademla Nmitz [Normita A. Almeda], Yogkit Gym Fitness Enterprise, LLC has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Chula Vista. California. When Ademla first started out, her passion for Yoga and other Health related activities that drove her to start this business.
The Author and Site Owner is a Registered Nurse and Medical Technologist in her home country. She also has a Master’s Degree in Nursing. Right now, she is taking up Juris Doctor in Law. She has a background in the filed of science as revealed by her two (2) degree courses and a masteral study. 

This site is for Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts. We, thus, provide information regarding this discipline and fitness subject matter and its related activities. We are individuals who want to spread knowledge about yoga and its benefits to mankind, whether in health, body, and mind. More importantly, while health is wealth, fitness is one of the modes of attaining a healthy lifestyle.

We explore ideas on the matter, and how will it benefit in the long run people who desire to take a dive in this engaging fitness and mind exercise.

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Ademla Nmitz

RN,[1]Registered Nurse RMT,[2]Registered Medical Technologist MN,[3]Masters in Nursing JDL[4]Juris Doctor, Law



1 Registered Nurse
2 Registered Medical Technologist
3 Masters in Nursing
4 Juris Doctor, Law