Benefits of Virtual Yoga | Is Online Yoga Safe?

As studios and yoga centers shut their doors in reaction to COVID-19 Stay at home government orders, studio owners and yoga teachers have two choices: terminate all classes, workshops, and trainings, or get resourceful with their internet access and High Definition cameras [cams]. Most chose the latter, which has resulted in an innovative change in the business and teaching of yoga.

Those who are tired of sitting on the couch all day can receive their daily exercise from digital yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes – and see inside some breathtaking studios across the world at the same time within your reach.

In this time where safety is the utmost priority, it is pretty heartwarming to see that people find ways to make you healthy in mind, body, and spirit in the comforts of your home.

Is Online Yoga Safe?

Perspective wise, it is safe or maybe not. Therefore, it depends. It is safe when you know what you are doing. It is safe because you are free from the hazards of outside world, especially during the pandemic. It is safe when you meticulously, slowly, and gradually follow the step by step instructions of your credible online teacher.

Otherwise, if you are not serious and do not follow properly the instructions, you might get injured, especially with difficult and hard poses. With more reason should this happen when you want to learn fast, without effectively following the step by step strategies that your online instructor are telling you to execute first.

Remember that you are doing yoga at the comfort of your home, with the actual instructor who will not be physically present and will not be there to attend to your yoga execution needs. Consequently, utmost care still should be one of the primordial considerations.

Is Online Yoga the answer?

Are you the one for a virtual yoga? The answer is Yes! It may be the answer for me or for some who would like to do yoga at the comfort of seclusion.

In addition, whether you work at an office, an institution, or even a student, everyone can have an online content of any Yoga Class that is not purely dependent on a schedule basis.

You are the maker of your time, and your time is your best weapon to digest a spoonful of Yoga any time of the day. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance, benefits of Yoga, its connections to you and the outside world, and tips to a new way of doing yoga virtually.

Yet, this is without prejudice to the practice of caution. Utmost care must still be observed.

What are the benefits of Virtual Yoga, and Why does it matter?

Virtual yoga classes are fantastic way to improve your discipline and give you more flexibility in how (and when) you practice. Yoga should be accessible to everyone, and it can be practiced at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone.

Emergence of remote access to everything surfaces amidst the government’s mandate of telecommunications to almost all activities of human. Yoga is everywhere. There are a lot of paid and free content you could choose from.

Yoga is an excellent way to de-stress, gain strength, become much more flexible, reconnect with your body, and enhance your overall quality of life. Sometimes, the cost is higher from different sources virtually, and a lot of time maybe wasted on finding the perfect activity.

In comparison, actual classes can be expensive too, starting at a premium rising from there, and when you factor in related costs such as transportation, clothing, mats, blocks, and other equipment to an on-site yoga classes, virtual schedule offsets the cost you are devoting to with a significant portion of your budget.

Not all are qualified to join a virtual Yoga class. Seek out first your own capabilities if you could perform Yoga. You should find your own and trustworthy Yoga instructors if you have questions about Yoga poses, patterns, and or safety.

Another great advantage of Yoga Virtual Classes is that you can contact a certified Yoga teacher easily if you have any questions about any part of the class that you missed or failed to comprehend, as a perk of having to join a remote class set up.

Yoga class at the comfort of home

Taking a yoga class at home can help to alleviate [if not completely eliminate] problems such as social distancing, time management constraints and consistency among its students. Of course, it’s not a perfect solution; virtual yoga classes have their own set of challenges.

Cost saver | Yoga online class

Virtual Yoga are the real cost saver. Comparing to real life face to face classes, its price range is astronomical. If you choose Yoga at home, there would be offerings such as monthly subscription and bulk packages that are tailor fit to your needs and surely is budget friendly to all people.

Let us all be honest, if attending class is as easy as laying down, and pressing the play button, all would likely do it right?

How do you compare Virtual and Actual Yoga Class?

A traditional class might easily consume two hours of your time, between getting in the car, driving, finding parking, and walking in [and then repeating the procedure when you leave]. An online course, on the other hand, can be started in a matter of seconds. Who does not want that?

Virtual classes are extremely adaptable. It’s simple to fit one in because you may choose from five- to 90-minute videos. Are you running late? Do a brief class. Have a lot of free time? Take a long one, or devour many contents as possible in a row.

You are free to practice whatever you desire, and not limited to what the studio is presenting on the day and the time you are available.

There is an abundant choice you could get for on the variety of virtual class you may attend to, it can be a calm and peaceful class, or perhaps you want something that will move rapidly and challenge you. All you have to do is search for and select your preferred option readily available virtually.

If you want to keep up your yoga practice while traveling, virtual yoga apps and classes are truly ideal. Finding the time, space, and motivation to exercise while you are in a new city and out of your typical pattern is really difficult.

Virtual innovations

These concerns, nonetheless, are being addresses by this new and innovative way of having classes online. Virtual yoga allows you to set up your screen anywhere, at any time, and practice a flow or a pose. Doing yoga on the move becomes lot easy, if not effortless.

Most of us if not will never get the opportunity to study yoga with one of the world’s top teachers. That is, in real life face to face. We are face with limited choices.

While doing virtually, you can take practically limitless classes with outstanding yoga instructors all over the world. This is a fantastic method to learn yoga from those that inspire you.

Let’s face it, whether you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner or a beginner, walking into a yoga class can be intimidating. Perhaps you are concerned that you will not be able to perform all of the postures or understand the teacher’s directions.

Maybe you feel different from the other students in class, or you’re concerned that you’re not wearing the “proper” attire. When you practice at home, you won’t have these fears.

No one in your abode will judge you or even leave comments on you wearing an old shirt while doing yoga.  In the comfort and isolation of your own home, it is frequently simpler to enter a peaceful and meditative state.

Tips and Reminders for Benefits of Virtual Yoga

Having more time inside our homes brought a new wave of opportunities beyond our fingertips. It is as easy as browsing the web to get a menu of our Yoga needs. A penchant of a particular Yoga Variety?  You will have a choice worldwide for that. However, there are certain disadvantages to practicing yoga online.

It is not as safe. Without the experienced guidance of a teacher, you may perform poses improperly, resulting in bad patterns and poor form – as well as serious injuries. An instructor can assist you in making progress by identifying and correcting your errors. Yoga is more difficult to learn without this particular attention.

While doing yoga alone is relaxing, there is something remarkable about doing it so with others. Blending with your classmates is typical, but it’s about sharing a significant and profound experiences with other people.

If you like stepping into the studio and seeing familiar faces, or making new acquaintances in class, online yoga may not be for you.

If you have signed up for a class, you’re almost certainly going to show up [especially if you paid the yoga class in advance]. Conversely, if you intend to watch a video that you can access at any moment, you could postpone it.

You may create ill habits of excuses like “I’ll do it before lunch” until it becomes “I’ll do it after I do my errands” and becomes “I’ll get to it after we finish dinner” and worse it becomes “It’s time to go to bed, I guess I’ll practice tomorrow.”

If there is a person you are looking for to hold you accountable with Yoga classes, this could be a problem for Virtual courses.

Not all people can follow Virtual Yoga like most do. It’s difficult to perform the postures while simultaneously checking the screen to ensure you’re doing them correctly. Some people may like to take Yoga classes in person where instructors can easily spot mistakes and make corrections as it seems possible.

Its pretty clear that, if you are alone, you are the only one that could correct yourself. Make this an opportunity to force your body to Connect with you and fully listen to each muscle and bone to ensure proper alignment.

Closing Discussion

Virtual Yoga classes have its pros and cons. Not all can join the fad especially to those whose knowledge of present-day innovations are lacking. Some may have their own doubts or even afraid of change.

However, do not let it be a hurdle or a stumbling block for you to experience the great benefits of having Yoga in the comforts of your Home. Yoga Teaches us to be one with our body, and that is the premise we should learn from.  Embrace the innovation and always look at the positives.

Always think about this.  Wherever you go, you can enjoy these Yoga workouts and experiment with your environment. You will never be short of, or limited by, possibilities.

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