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Does Exercise Make You Beautiful | Fitness And Beauty


Although, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the laws of the divine and men may not discriminate anything on anyone including his/her look, nevertheless, nowadays, whether we accept it or not, beauty is almost synonymous to beauty queens, supermodels, Miss Universe, Mr. Universe, Mr. Perfect, athletes, and the others whose images are immortalized as beauty gods and goddesses in social, virtual, and print media.

These images of people have one thing in common; they possessed those perfectly shaped bodies and face beauties [which although may be relative to some].

Perfect Images

Such images were even used as the perfect tools to lure the rest of the masses to buy and patronize products of the food, beauty, and fitness industries They, however, did not accomplish those perfectly shaped bodies overnight.

No Pain, No Gain

They went through a lot of rigid physical fitness program with a combination of proper nutrition and sacrifice to achieve such beautiful and strong bodies. Not days, but months of discipline and hard work to stick with the physical program on schedule.

If you, yourself, want to achieve better shape than the rest, or shape fitter than before, then, you will have to work harder and longer. You have to maintain the phase or progress and improve and track the same.

These programs usually include series of physical exercises or activities to keep the body in motion so as to use up those extra fats, calories, or extra weights gained from uncontrolled food intake. Science had played, and has been playing, an important part in the development of fitness.

Scientific Based Training Approaches

Today, fitness is not just reporting to the gym regularly. Currently, physical programs and trainings have been incorporating and including targeted fitness, based on scientific approaches.

These are programs which choose specific part or system of the body that an individual wants to enhance or develop. High-end and newly designed exercise equipment complement this training programs.

It is really very important for someone who wish to be fit or beautiful to know if he or she is doing the right thing.

These physical activities are also beneficial to the health of the body, aside from the fact that it removes the extra weight, the same, likewise, improve the circulatory and respiratory system in our body.

Yes, exercise can increase beauty

Physical exercise will remove the extra weight, fats, and calories gained by our body from eating, or should we say, intaking foods like no one cares.

In the exercise process, however, those unwanted fats like our bulging chins and bellies are trimmed back to its normal shape.

Through regular fitness activity, our skin are tightened because fats are dissolved. Ergo, our bodies will become leaner, fitter, tones, and in-shaped. A lean body will mean toned and tightened skins.

Therefore, sagging skin and muscles shall be tightened. This muscles will hug its bone structure. Hence, it will mold like a sculpted statue depicting fitter and toned physique.

Exercise can also make the skin fresh considering that body workouts will improve the circulation of blood. Regular and continuous movements of the body will increase the heart beat, thereby aiding and promoting the proper circulation of blood throughout the body.

Consequently, it will increase and evenly distribute the oxygen of the skin, thus, achieving appropriate oxygenation. Also, through sweating, the harmful substance or toxins from the skin shall be excreted creating a heathy and fresh epidermis.

As exercise also will improve your body functions. The body will normalize everything. Your time of sleep and everything will follow. Needed and meaningful rest can be attained.

When you have normal sleeping hours, about eight hours a day, your eyes are fresh, no eye bags, you are active and alert. You are fresh and ready to go when you wake up.

So, overall, if you exercise regularly and even at intervals, it will make a person’s body fresh, rejuvenated, normal, and ready to go. A person having a fresh well-being, arising from optimum fitness, will exude, manifest, and reveal fresh thoughts and acts.

That is beauty. Fitness and beauty goes hand in hand in synergism.

One can be beautiful and fit

One can be beautiful and fit by staying physically active to remove the excess baggage of the body, such as but not limited to, the harmful added pounds and substances that are making the body weak and deformed.

There are so many ways to stay physically active. Some people, usually ordinary people, they do exercise at their respective homes. These are unsupervised, yet beneficial, physical exercises, like jogging in the home yards or neighborhood streets.

Others play physical games like basketball, boxing, table tennis, badminton, soccer, and certain active games will also help optimize the body.

Whether they do these regularly or not, it does not matter, as long as it is continuous or it is not ended or at intervals, the body somehow will respond properly to the physical activity. It will shed those unwanted substances or toxins in the body through sweat.

Aside from that, unhealthy fats will be burned. When your body is healthy and fit, your mind and the rest of your body shall be functioning perfectly.

Others, they do physical exercise trough the assistance of professional fitness providers, like the Slimmer’s World, Gold Gyms, or other reputable ones, just to name a few of those popular providers near the one’s place.

These supervised exercise, they do specific programs designed at individual’s tailored needs, Thus, one could just imagine that, by staying fit through those programmed physical exercise, you can also design and target which part of your body to enhance or develop, build-up muscle or any part thereof to tone.

Again, you can be beautiful and fit.

Fit and fitness

Based on the discussions above, being fit refers to the person’s physical attributes, on how he maintained his body physically in shape so that he can function well in his daily tasks.

Becoming fit may also refer to the physical state of the body wherein it has successfully attained the particular shape it wanted to attain. It is like the toning down of the body fats to a certain level fitness.

By attaining this, the body may look slimmer, toned, and fleshy. Therefore, it will be deemed as fit as long as there is that effect that your body has improved physically from the previous state.

Fitness, on the other hand, is the capacity of a body to achieve something or to function properly and optimally. It is the ability to perform certain task where such the body has been called upon to do or may be capable of doing.

His competence to do that task with respect to ability, capacity, and capability of the body and mind is what we can we call fitness. Consequently, fitness is not necessarily more on physical attributes as compared to being fit.

The term fit in England is often attributed to being physically attractive or beautiful. If you tell an English that he or she looks fit, you are actually telling her that she looks beautiful and attractive, and it may sounds like you find her sexy and appealing.

So, fit is more on physical look while fitness is more on the overall capability of a person to perform something, of course physical state is also considered and mind.


Doing physical exercise, whether on your own phase or on a programmed activity or training or with the help and assistance of a fitness guru or physical expert, is the best method to attain a fit body and have a good fitness.

Of course, this should be complemented with proper nutrition and body discipline. One cannot exercise yet drink and smoke excessively. Physical exercise does not only condition your body physically but it also bring positive vibes to your mind as it also normalize your bodily functions, including your brain through good blood circulations.

Though, beauty is not that all physical. For some, beauty is from within or it is that person’s character that matters or make a person beautiful.

Others say beauty or being beautiful is not just on physical attributes that makes a person as such.

On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that a person’s character is sometimes, if not often, affected by the conditions of the body.

An ailing person could not think well on his task or on his relationship with others, as compared to a physically fit person who has a good physical condition, necessarily, a good disposition on things.

It is always a beauty when a person is physically fit and have good disposition in life.

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