Does Yoga Make You Attractive | Is Yoga Considered Sexy

You’re probably thinking “Woah! Yoga and sexy in the same title? Is yoga considered sexy? Does yoga make you more attractive? Has social media pushed you too far?” I feel you.

To some, the idea may sound ridiculous, but plausible, to others, complementary. But why is that? Does it really mean yoga may not be sexy at all?

I’ve never been a yogi, but about a year ago, my husband joined a gym with a class of yoga several times a week. Over time, he saw great results from it which made me wonder if I should check it out to see if it would work for me too. In this article, I’m answering whether or not yoga is considered sexy.

Opinions differ as to whether yoga is exercise or a spiritual practice, but the fact remains that it is good for your physical and mental well-being. In fact, it can even help you live longer! We take a nutshell look at the health benefits of yoga as well as an attractive way to get in shape…

Is Yoga sexy? This is one of those questions that I keep asking myself, and it’s keeping me up at night. And I am pretty sure we can all agree on two points:

  • yoga is healthy and fun and good for you and it allows you to achieve a zen state of mind; and
  • sex is fun and healthy and good for you and it allows you to “get some” or, if you’re into that sort of thing, experience those four-to-six-hundred contractions that not only bring an endorphin rush but also strengthen your pelvic floor as if you were wearing a tight pair of Spanx.

Yoga is a millennia-old practice that focuses the mind and the body on the basics of life. It uses a bunch of different poses and breathing techniques to raise awareness about the mechanics of the body and its relationship to the mind.

Now, if yoga were just about stretching and breathing, though appears to be sexy, it wouldn’t be very so.

But yoga has a second, and just as valuable, purpose: yoga is practiced as a central part of spiritual traditions. The yoga tradition stretches back thousands of years.

The practice has roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. It is one of the few ancient practices that has survived in the present day.

But because of the dominant religious nature of yoga, it is almost never discussed as just an exercise. Instead, it is talked about in terms of what it can teach us about life: meditation, how to relax, how to get in touch with our bodies, and so on.

So, is yoga sexy? Well, it may be in exactly the same way that exercise is sexy. It is so because it makes you feel better.

Also, yoga can be sexy because it is so effective at accomplishing that goal. Yoga makes you more flexible, stronger, and more aware of your body.

When you go home after yoga class, you are more in touch with your body, and much aware of your own wants and needs. You feel more in charge. Then, sensuality comes in.

Does yoga make you more attractive?

Yoga is attractive because it promises a healthier, more flexible body, and is, for many people, really enjoyable than going to the gym.

Does yoga make you more attractive? Probably. But does it make you more attractive than going to the gym? Probably not. Yoga doesn’t really have much to do with being actually attractive. Yet, on an overall result and perspective, it can be.

Yoga’s power comes from its effective combination of physical exercise and mental discipline. Exercise is good for you. Nonetheless, exercise alone is not enough. Exercise without the right mental habits is counterproductive.

Yoga, by contrast, builds on exercise with a set of mental habits that combine discipline with relaxation. When practiced properly, yoga makes you stronger, flexible, and calmer. In combination, these qualities will make you more attractive.

As well, yoga makes you more self-conscious. Like meditation, yoga directs you to be aware of, and attentive to, the subtleties of your body and your mind.

There are two things we should keep in mind when examining the question of whether yoga makes you more attractive. First, the discipline can calm your thoughts and you can obtain peace of mind. Second, the more you practice regularly, the greater your body will benefit, even small effects can have big ripple results.

Some people consider yoga a form of exercise. But yoga is so much more than just exercise. It teaches you how to relax, how to breathe, how to be more aware of how you feel. It teaches you how to think about yourself and the world. It teaches you about your body.

Yoga also instructs you about energy. Your body has two kinds of energies, radiant and kinetic. Radiant energy is the source of the body’s heat. Kinetic energy is the one your body uses to move.

Yoga advises you how to transform kinetic into radiant energy. (The word yoga comes from two Sanskrit words: yogi, which means “yogin” and asana, which means “exercise.”)

Yoga may bring about positive energy. When you are full of energy, you are blooming. If you are blooming, you will look attractive.

Does yoga help sexually?

It probably helps in some ways, but probably not in others. Several recent studies have looked at the psychological and physical effects of yoga, and the results are mixed.

On the one hand, yoga is thought to help concentration and reduce stress, both of which might make it easier to have satisfying sex.

Yoga seems to make some people less aggressive and more passive. However, by performing certain postures attune to stimulating sensual desire, the passivity may convert into provocative activity.

Yoga can potentially improve sexual functioning and quality of life for many women.

Given the demonstrated benefits of yoga in other conditions, such as cancer, we were interested to see if this was true for women experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Although, it could be distressing for men who are considering starting yoga for their partners. Men may find that their partners get better with yoga, but that they, themselves, do not.

Yoga can improve sexual functioning and quality of life in both men and women.

Yoga can increase sexual arousal and desire, which is the first step in sexual functioning. Yoga is also thought to improve muscle tone and flexibility, both of which may enhance sexual performance and satisfaction.

The significant improvements in quality of life and sexual functioning observed in our study are consistent with the literature.

The current study is the first to demonstrate this improvement in women, as well as in men.

Does yoga make you a better lover?

Yoga as discipline is not just about doing the postures. It is about living your life in a way that keeps you centered. Yoga doesn’t just help you control your reactions, it helps you control your behavior.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try yoga as exercise. You should. But yoga, as discipline, is even more important, because, how you behave as a lover is just as important as how you are in shape.

I once saw an interview with a woman about whom nothing could be learned, about whom nothing could be known. She was described only as “a yogi.”

The interviewer asked, “What has the practice of yoga done for you?”
The woman said, “It has made me a better lover.”
The interviewer asked, “Isn’t that obvious? What could there possibly be to learn about this?”
The woman said, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? For thousands of years I’ve been sexually frustrated. I can’t understand why, because women find me gorgeous. But in bed, whenever sex comes up, I can’t perform. The technique yoga teaches is a boy-girl dance. It’s so simple, so elegant. You put on a dress, stand on one foot, bow to the other, and chant. Instead of being passive, you control your partner. The technique requires so much concentration that sex always feels wonderful.
The interviewer said, “But what’s the payoff?”
The woman said, “The payoff may be obvious to you, but to me it’s never been clear. Yoga is about finding pleasure. Until now, pleasure has been elusive. Now, it’s right here in front of me.
“The interviewer said, “But doesn’t this make you self-centered?”
The woman said, “It’s not self-centered, it’s selfless. If I practice, then my partner benefits. Yoga is about making the world better, not making myself better.”

The perception of most people about individuals who have a regular yoga practice is that they are calm and collected.

They attribute such behavior to the qualities acquired through yoga like increasing body awareness and strengthening of the mind.

It can be further added that such individuals are mellower and more compassionate towards others.

Is yoga a girly?

When you look at all the yoga advertisement banners all around you, you are surrounded by strong, slender models doing yoga postures that are impossible for the average Joe to do.

And then there are other yoga poses that make you feel incredibly uncomfortable to even try them out, because your eyes would pop out if you were to do it.

If you visit a typical yoga studio, it’s probably filled with women. ​ And you might have the impression that yoga is a sport for girls.

But even if yoga has a reputation of being a sport for women, this doesn’t mean that men can’t benefit from practicing yoga.

In fact, a growing number of men are discovering that Hatha Yoga can be a great way to get in shape and improve your overall health.

Years ago yoga was a word that you would not hear in a sentence. It was reserved for women or yoga instructors. This has changed.

Yoga has become so popular, even men practice this ancient spiritual art. In fact, today, there are more men involved in yoga than women.

Final Thoughts

When you think of sexy people, is yoga the first thing that comes to mind? But maybe it should be. Yoga seems like it doesn’t pertain to sexiness at all.

Yet, when you really think about it, there are so many parallels between the two. After all, what is yoga if not series of poses that make, or will transform, your body to look gorgeous and sexy.

So they say, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yoga can indeed make yourself look sexy and attractive. It is how you carry your own in terms of wanting to look nice, clean, sexy, and even desirable.

As a practice and discipline itself, it is not the purpose of yoga to convert one into a sexy, sensual, and attractive human being. Nevertheless, the result thereof may prove otherwise.

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