What You Need To Know About Exercise Mat Vs Yoga Mat

Exercise mat vs yoga mat, which do you prefer? In the fitness world and aside from the type or kind of workouts and the desire to be healthy and in shape, convenience, adaptability, and preference are, the writer thinks, unwritten guides for one to indulge in fitness activity.

Thus, exercise tools, equipment, and accessories are parts and parcels of these unwritten guides. One of these, especially in indoor fitness patterns or regimen, is the fitness mat, whether exercise or yoga mats, as the case may be.

Initially, one may think that both mats are the same and interchangeable in their nomenclatures, even in purpose and objectives. However, as we shall go on, we will learn that there are basic differences between them.

Difference between Yoga Mat and Exercise Mat

First, their similarities end with respect to their utility as an exercise tool or accessory and the cushion they provide to fitness enthusiasts, save in the degree thereof.

Thickness: Yoga Mat vs Exercise Mat

As regards their respective thickness, the mats in yoga are thinner than exercise mats.

Likewise, their density, compactness, and solidity are taken into account to determine whether the mats will be adaptable to yoga practice or to some other workouts, besides the latter.

Although in the ultimate analysis, their relative thickness are for convenience and portability, if the author may offer an opinion for that matter.

Incidentally, the cushion the mats give will be significant in knowing whether the same shall be utilized for yoga or other alternative physical activities.

Yoga mats

When we do yoga, we need cushion and at the same time stability. Mats, of course, offer soft buffer for limbs, joints, other body parts in general.

Yet in yoga, we also want balance. Thin but soft mats will result to stability, compared with thick and fluffy ones. Thus, thinness is justified in yoga mats.

Yoga mats’ thinness character will provide yoga practitioners shock absorbing platform when they do the asanas, more so the difficult ones.

Yogis will still feel the floor without being uncomfortable than they will experience using the bare ground only. 

–Yoga Mats

Yoga mats can be up to 1 inch thick. This may be the standard within which a yoga practitioner can have both the benefit of cushion and the required balance and stability for the poses.

Therefore, the undisputed characteristics of yoga mats will be its thinness [maybe up to 1 inch] and its relative subtleness, pliability, and fluffiness.

Beyond that density, solidity, and compactness, the mats can be regarded as a general exercise mats.

There are also variety of yoga mats that you can explore, maybe, depending on your personality or even your first impression.

Exercise Mats

As mentioned, exercise mats in general are thicker than the mats utilized in yoga. This is true because of the nature of the exercises that, besides yoga practice, are being performed using the generic exercise mats. They are, often times, called “gym mats”.

Strength body weight exercises, cross fits, jumping, and other strenuous physical activities, other than yoga, can benefit from having the generic exercise mats as their ground buffer or shock absorber.

While they are still soft exercise mats, side by side with yoga mats, the former offer more buffer resistance than the latter, which is reasonable by the nature of their use.

It is recommended that, other than yoga workouts, body weight exercises such as high intensity interval trainings, cross fits, aerobic exercises, and the likes should use the exercise mat, preferably starting from one [1] inch thickness until three [3] inches or even beyond that, depending on the comfort, stability, and convenience of the fitness enthusiasts themselves.

However, if you are running a gym, thickness beyond 3 inches will be a welcome argument in exercise mats’ favor, and, the writer believes, they are more conducive to exercise environment and on the business side of running a gym.

Ordinarily, gym mats or exercise mats are employed in a variety of fitness activities such as but not limited to boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, and other similarly situated workouts.

In floor-based training like crunches or other ab muscles exercises, fitness-interested individuals utilize exercise mats for support and weight absorption.

Thick mats are more useful when one slips, fall, and jumps while working out. They can also prevent injuries.

–Exercise or Gym Mats

Mats’ Portability

Likewise, this is one consideration for buying mats, whether for yoga or other workout regimen. Obviously, one standout characteristic, among others, of mat’s portability is its thickness.

The thinner the mat, the more light weight it is, therefore, it is easy to carry. For yoga aficionados, portability of yoga tools, equipment, and accessories are things to consider.

And for most yogis, yoga mats are indispensable. Hence, if you are a yogi reading this article, and you want to perform yoga both indoors and outdoors, you will consider the mat’s portability when getting one.

Availability of the Mats, both Exercise and Yoga Mats

When decided to start your fitness journey or help and assist you in your daily workouts, you may want to get support mats.

If you are a yogi, you will want to have yoga mats. Other than practicing yoga and you want to have some cushion in your routine physical fitness activities, such as cross fits or high intensity interval training, gym or exercise mats re best suitable for your purpose.

These are available in your favorite gym, fitness, and sports store in your locality or place. Better still, since we are still in the midst of the virus surge, you may want to try your options online.

Exercise mat in amazon can be your best alternative. Yoga mats are also available there. This online market place is haven for online shoppers. All things, including exercise, fitness and sports equipment, tools, and accessories certainly it has.

–Exercise mat in Amazon

Exercise Mat Vs Yoga Mat | Can be Used both for Yoga and Other Workouts

Nonetheless, this information does not mean that you have to get two separate mats for variety of exercises.

This is just an information as to the fundamental distinctions between yoga and general exercise mats. You can buy a one [1] inch thick mat or even close to three [3] inches, as a compromise.

Thus, one mat can be utilized for both the practice of yoga and other physical fitness workouts. It is just a matter of preference and the type of exercise that should guide a fitness aficionado to take both mats or only settle for one.

Final Thoughts

Whether for yoga or other relevant type of workouts, still, these bodily activities are good for our health and fitness. Similarly, whether it is a yoga or exercise mat, either of them is very useful to exercise objectives.

It will just be, the writer thinks, just a matter of perspective or preference. Yet, of course, depending on accessibility and portability, choice of fitness mats will influenced thereby.

Ultimately, the bottom line is the benefit our body will reap from fitness routine that we will embark on. Relatedly, our overall well-being will be the recipient of this health goals.

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