Great Aerobic Drills | Tips And Tricks

An aerobic exercise is one of the cheapest and practical ways to maintain or loose weight, depending upon one’s preference or goal. It is also a good way to improve cardiovascular and breathing.

In this midst of what we are experiencing right now as global health issue, aerobic exercise can be done conveniently at home.

You can just simply look for the valuable and expert video tutorial about aerobic workout pattern in YouTube and you can start doing that thing.

Aerobics, as mentioned, is highly recommended to those who want to lose weight or maintain their weight.

It is considered cheap, yet, an effective way of losing weight. The same does not need any apparatus or heavy (not to mention expensive) equipment.

A good comfortable sporty attire is only needed and internet to let go through with tons of aerobic exercise video to chose from.

Aerobic exercise is popular kind of fitness activity since it is simple but and effective way of workout. It is applicable to all ages.

Unlike other exercises, aerobics do allow the participant to enjoy with lively music and dance with the rhythm.

What is the best aerobic exercise?

According to the study shown in the United States, there are five best aerobic exercises. Similarly, research reveals that the best fitness drill is determined by the maximum benefit that one can provide.

The following fitness activities bellow are not in particular order. The author also added the inclusion of the last item for its popularity and efficiency:

Running or Jogging – This is one of the best aerobic exercises. Running or jogging is free, and it may improve cardiovascular and breathing.

This is one of the most effective way to lose or maintain weight. The runner or jogger is in management of his intensity and strength in performing this.

Unlike other workouts, jogging or running does not need an equipment. However, for convenience, others may run or jog in the treadmill or in the neighborhood.

Running or jogging is effective if done consistently everyday or three times a week. Study shows that such activity improves stamina and endurance, boost immune system, and increase metabolism.

Effective running or jogging may be done with dumbbells or weights, depending on the capability of a person.

Running or jogging are best done in the morning before the sun rises, around five in the morning or at night.

It is also best to run or jog with group of friends or family members which could encourage and entertain you once in a while.

Walking – A sexagenarian even children and family can do this kind of aerobic exercise. This is the least tension activity and low impact drill.

Experts say that, since walking is less in impact than running or jogging, it is more likely to take up some time to be able to gain the benefits compared to running or jogging.

For the reason that walking is done by any person and in any place, this is one of the most popular and longest aerobic exercise. This may as well help improve health.

While walking, one can bring or hold weights to improve grip or can walk to sloppy or incline areas.

Like running or jogging, walking may be spiced up when done in groups like with family or friends. This  is a good bonding moment while improving the state of health and losing or maintaining weight.

Swimming — This is my favorite sport. Unlike running, jogging, or walking wherein which the lower extremities of the body only function actively, in swimming all parts of your body functions and being exercise.

Swimming builds muscles, and it is a good breathing exercise. This kind of activity increases heart rate. It heightens metabolism which is very effective in losing weight.

This aerobic exercise is the least on the category for a person to have an injury compared to others which require more tension.

In some other countries, swimming is more known to be a leisure activity rather than an aerobic exercise.

For swimming to be an effective drill, it is advised to have at least 17 kilometer, or 170 swimming pool laps a day. Wow sounds heavy, isn’t it?

Outdoor Cycling – Outdoor Cycling became more popular in this time of pandemic. When a certain country is in lockdown, transportation has been downright difficult.

Number of public transportations were reduced. Front liners and those individuals who are allowed to be outside of their residence have found a solution, though, to a problem on what can be used to go from one place to another — the answer is bicycle or outdoor cycling.

Outdoor cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises as well. For adventurous individual, this is one of the easiest ways to do an aerobic regimen.

A person can go to the place he or she wants, without even realizing that the are already doing exercise. A mobile workout for that matter!

The same thing with those who go to their work with bicycle as their means of transportation. People have used a fitness tracker along with the bicycle to track along the improvements and how many calories are burned.

There are different kind of bicycles that one can choose from depending on the lifestyle and budget of a person.

Road bikes are good for city used and mostly recommended on longer rides. These are easily distinguished by looking at their drop bar and leaner tubeless wheels.

Mountain bikes are the most popular ones during the quarantine. They are good at all terrains and can be differentiated from others by its rough textured wheels which are durable.

To be classified as an aerobic exercise, it is recommended to go on outdoor cycling at least twenty-four (24) kilometers per hour.

Zumba – The last but not the least, Zumba. This popular aerobic exercise was discovered on the 90s but was only popular in the Philippines in the era of 20th century.

In these times, Zumba can be done anywhere, even at home. A good internet connection is needed, and anyone can do Zumba.

Before pandemic came, Zumba is one of the most popular aerobic exercise. A number of mothers, fitness enthusiasts, or everyone usually go outside before the dawn, gathered at the plaza or an open space.

With a professional instructor leading them, a fast tempo music on a tune of a popular dance music plays at the background, and participants dance along with a rhythm.

A professional instructor will dance in a combination of salsa, modern dance steps, and exercise pattern. The steps are easy; they can be followed easily.

Steps in Zumba are usually repetitive for everyone can dance along. Zumba is dancing and exercising at the same time.

A one good Zumba session lasts for one hour. It may consist of thirty different dance and exercise steps and moves.

In order to achieve a good aerobic exercise, it is recommended to do it everyday or five times a week.

When at home and alone, an individual can still do Zumba by looking for a good Zumba dance done by a professional Zumba instructor in the YouTube.

Others would also resort to a group video call to see their Zumba “classmates” (term used for a fellow Zumba trainee) and catch up with their lives. A virtual community gathering so to speak!

What exercises should you do to improve cardio?

Among other things that I have mentioned, aerobic exercises that can improve cardio are swimming, walking, running, or jogging, outdoor cycling, and Zumba.

Other sports activities which can be incorporated with aerobic exercise are boxing, playing tennis, volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

This will drastically place on a high level your breathing, thus, developing your endurance and stamina.

How do we get better at doing aerobics workout?

Most of new things done at the beginning are hard. And that is the reason why we should do and perform them little by little and gradually. You should do it consistently, as well.

Before embarking into any aerobic exercise, it is advisable to consult medical experts first and have a vital check-up, to know whether your heart can endure the workout.

Some aerobic regimens can be harmful to those who have existing health conditions. Others, for some health reasons, are not allowed to do tedious fitness drills.

It is good to have a companion or group in doing aerobic exercises, in order to obviate the possibility of getting bored.

Have a support system that will encourage you to push and do aerobics consistently.

Healthy Foods | Viable Diet Plans

Coupled with knowledge of what are the aerobic fitness activities that you can embark on, you should also eat healthy foods to see better results.

This is one of the dilemmas of others why they had been doing aerobic exercise for a very long time but have not seen any changes on their weight.

If you are adventurous and diet conscious, you may try doing those top five best aerobic exercises that have been mentioned. You can do running or jogging this morning, then, try Zumba in the afternoon.

Can you do aerobic exercise every day?

It depends. This is a case-to-case scenario. For some who can do it everyday, it is highly recommended to do the same daily, with proper rest of course.

Just spend at least thirty-minutes of aerobic exercise every day, and health and fitness goals can be achieved. Walking can be done everyday so as with jogging and running.

The more consistent you do the exercises everyday, the more your body will be trained to endure pain. Professional athletes do train everyday. An average person can do aerobic exercise everyday too.

To those who cannot do it everyday, it does not mean you are doing it wrong or you can see results. It is still advisable to seek expert and professionals on it. Always remember do not place your health on the line.


In order to achieve and attention great results from doing aerobics, here are some tips to ace that goal:

Have a determination and willful heart. Aerobic exercise can be boring at times, but it only requires determination and consistency. Small little steps yet consistent along the way.

Wear comfortable but appropriate clothes. In doing aerobic exercise, it is recommended to wear comfortable but appropriate clothes. You don’t want to go on running or jogging in your pajamas. It will be highly absurd, if not uncomfortable.

Wear appropriate clothes based on the aerobic exercise you opt. For instance, wear a cotton shirt on walking and pair it which good sport shorts or leggings.

Wear rash guard for swimming and or swimming trunks which are quick dry material.

There is an appropriate outfit in cycling which has mini pockets at the back part of the cycling jersey to carry water container.

Track your progress. You should be patient. Tracking your progress can be disappointing at times but the secret in order for you not to be stressed of it is to do it on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you are tracking your progress every day, especially on your weight, chances are the data may fluctuate since your weight includes fluids or water weights. Wearing a fitness tracker can help but not really required.

Listen to your body. Rest if need. Sometimes, our body tend to feel tired too. Keep hydrated or take some pause if you are out of breath while in the middle of your laps or in the middle of your run. Rest a little and go back at the track.

Enjoy the process. The good news is, when we do aerobic exercise, our body releases happy hormones which makes us joyful. Enjoy the process and go consider having a great aerobic exercise!

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