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According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 pandemic means that many of us are staying at home and sitting down more than we usually do. It’s hard for a lot of us to do the sort of exercise we normally do.

However,  in  an  article  entitled  “COVID-19:  does  exercising  really  reduce  the risk?” by The Conversation, a new US study shows that people who are less physically active are more likely to be hospitalized and die with COVID-19.

According to these new calculations, being inactive puts you at a greater risk from COVID-19 than any other risk factor except age and having had an organ transplant. If this is right, it’s a big deal.

–The Conversation

Exercise has not only been playing an important role in our daily lives in the current global health issue, but also even before it. It continuously helps us in making our body strong and ourselves stress-free.

It also helps us boost our confidence, as well as improves our minds making us have a better outlook in life. However, some of us may see exercise as a boring activity to do.

Some may also see it as an extra and heavy load to perform, without knowing that a 10-20 minute exercise each day can give a long-life benefit and can cause a big change in our body.

Since exercise can be boring at times being repetitive, we tend to look for ways to keep it more fun and enjoyable.

All we have to do is look for the perfect workout and music that will set our mood and mind in doing the exercises. We just have to explore and find our reasons why we should need to work out.

How can I make my workout less boring?

Working out may not be seen as a fun activity by some people. But for me, I can make my exercise less boring by choosing an energizing song to boost my energy all throughout or have someone accompany me either virtual or together physically.

As a person who easily gets bored with an activity that is repetitive, I usually tend to explore every now and then different kinds of fitness routine. Before pandemic, my brother would usually invite me to go to the gym and do exercises with him.

We would spend money for transportation and membership fee to the gym. But now, since we are enclosed inside the four walls of our own houses, we were forced to find other ways to keep ourselves healthy.

For me, I started watching exercise vlogs such as “Daily morning workout”, “Abs in two weeks” and “Butt Workout”. Through this vlogs, I learned how to do push ups, crunches and planks. However, when I eventually got bored, I shifted to Tiktok as my daily workout routine.

I have found this application very interesting because while it enhances my dancing skills, it helps me burn my fats while enjoying with the same with the trending music. I also added biking as one of my workout routine because I enjoy doing it with my cousins.

Whenever I feel like I’m quite energetic, I do some walking around our backyard. Whenever I shift to another type of exercise, I feel renewed and I feel like I am not bored with such activities. I enjoy doing this kind of exercises while listening to music.

Doing an exercise does not make me feel bored because it is serves as an outlet for me. I can display my fashion style as I can wear cute and sexy work out clothes while doing the same.

How do I make exercise a habit?

Exercising can be built as a habit by starting little work out routines everyday for twenty-one days that you can incorporate in your daily life, giving at least thirty [30] minutes per day which you can divide into three parts for ten minutes for each routine.

Performing an exercise does not have to be a full blown work out routine since you can always start with something you’re comfortable with. Just like what happened during the start of quarantine.

Everyone seemed to be interested at working out owing to the fact that they have realized that it’s one way to prevent the virus or its pernicious effects.

Some patterned their exercise routines with their favorite youtubers such as Pamela Reif, Emi Wong and Chloe Ting, while others made their own work out routine.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure is that they started their exercise habit by first doing some warm up. This is very helpful since it will prepare the body for the physical activity. Likewise, it will minimize bodily injuries considering that warm up exercises only include light physical activity.

Once the body has familiarized itself to this kind of warm up routines, then it is now ready for hard challenges. Making exercise as a habit is easy for those who keep their eyes on the goal. If your main goal is to keep your body healthy, then it would be easy to maintain a good exercise habit.

In order to maintain a continuous exercise, it is important that you must set a realistic fitness goal for a   certain period of time. Through this, you will stay motivated and active in your day-to- day exercises.

Can exercising be fun?

A lot of people struggle to go hit the gym or even do some basic exercises at home. Because, let us be honest, exercising may be difficult and can be boring to do. It is hard to wake up early in the morning and go brisk walking or merely just putting it on our schedule knowing how hectic it already is.

However, exercise can still be fun. Exercising doesn’t only mean only going around with treadmills, dumbbells, and stationary bicycles. It can be as simple as dancing. During the pandemic, people have been engaged to different kinds of activities.

I, myself, have been overly obsessed with Tiktok, which is, I think, great and fun.

I found Tiktok as a fun and easy way, especially for teenagers, to exercise and not even consider it as one. I enjoy it a lot because I dance and dance without even noticing that I am doing some exercises already.

Exercising can be fun with a pal, with music, or simply enjoying the view when you’re walking around. Another way of making it entertaining is to do it with a friend. Some people have what they call “gym buddies”.

It is also important to find the gym buddies that have the same goal as yours. Since they have the same fitness objectives and purpose, they can boost each other in exercising and monitoring their progress. They can also challenge each other and encourage themselves when they are feeling under the weather.

You and your friend can try matching outfits and tumblers just to spice up your workout routines. You can also even brainstorm on what workouts you can do next and document both of your gains. Exercising isn’t just for losing weight but can also be a good outlet when you’re drained.

How can I do cardio without getting bored?

This COVID-19 pandemic has taught me so many things. One of which is that I should prioritize myself by taking good care of it not only mentally and spiritually but physically, as well.

Before I started working out, I browsed the internet and searched what kinds of workout I can do this pandemic and the one that piqued my interest was cardio workout. It can be boring at times since cardio can be repetitive and arduous to do.

Yet one of the things I did to keep me stimulated is that I make a playlist of songs where I know I can enjoy and have fun while doing my cardio routine. While doing cardio workout, I tend to listen to music which keeps me alive, such as party songs and happy songs.

Another technique that I do to keep myself away from boredom while doing cardio is that I try to find the right cardio workout for me. I’ve seen through the internet there are a lot of cardio exercises I can do like biking, jogging, jumping rope, and swimming.

But one of the things I had to consider was to find one that best suits my lifestyle, so I tried engaging myself from biking. Me and my cousins usually go to the beach every afternoon to see the sun set. Instead of riding a motorcycle, we ride our bicycles.

I enjoy doing this type of exercise because while keeping myself healthy, I get to have quality time with my cousins. However, there are times that I easily get bored with that kind of set up, that is why I try to change my exercise and find other ways to increase the intensity of the workout or lessen the intervals.

For me, working out is never dull. It can be tiring, yes, but never boring. It is something I do when I want to relieve my stress with all the deadlines I have to meet.  Or just think about my overall health, especially this time of pandemic.

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