How Does Kundalini Yoga Work?

How does kundalini yoga work?

When I first heard about how Kundalini yoga works, it sounded interesting, but I really did not know how it would benefit me or how I would be able to do it. However, I did some research on how does kundalini yoga work. I discovered that this type of yoga is different from most other styles of yoga.

Most styles of yoga concentrate on meditation and spiritual development. Kundalini yoga instead uses, among others, a rapid, energetic, sustained, and rhythmic prayer called the breath of fire.

Breath of Fire

The breath of fire is a prayer which is repeated in your mind and spirits as you move deeply and smoothly through the many chakras and nadis.[1]Nadi, Yogapedia As you awaken your divine feminine energy, it moves through your body like a river flowing through its channels and the soles of your feet, thus, feeling its movement and expansion as it goes. 

Kundalini energy is similar to that of a powerful electrical circuit which is necessary for the operation of all electronic devices. The energy needs to travel a long way up the spinal column before it reaches the brain. 

Kundalini travels along a variety of energy meridians, each connecting with specific organs and glands, as it advances upward. As it rises, it opens the three major chakras or centers of your physical body and allows Divine feminine energy to flow freely throughout your body.

Energy moving through various Chakras

In order for one to learn how does kundalini yoga work, you need to pay close attention to the energy as it moves through the various chakras. Concentrating on these energy meridians at the base of the spine is necessary in order to get the most benefit from this type of yoga.[2]What is Kundalini Yoga? – The elbowroom 

As the energy travels up the spine, it increases in strength and moves into the heart. There, it can stimulate healing in various parts of the physical body.

As the Kundalini energy continues to rise, it moves into the third realm called the Muladhara Chakra. Here, it works with Prana to heal the mind, body and consciousness. 

Pranic Healing

Kundalini yoga works deeply with the nervous system and is very effective in helping to relax the mind, reduce anxiety, and eliminate negative thoughts.

During this time of deep relaxation, Pranic healing can take place. This may be a form of kundalini meditation. This helps to restore a feeling of health and well-being.

If you pay close attention to how kundalini yoga works in relation to the nervous system, you will notice that you are able to feel more tranquil, calm, and relaxed. You will also have better memory and concentration, enhanced immune system, and can sleep better.

The awakening of Kundalini energy also brings about mental peace, divine consciousness, intense bliss, serenity, tranquility, emotional stability, clarity, and control. However, if you do not practice meditation regularly, it can be difficult to sustain these wonderful benefits. 

In fact, some experts suggest that you should meditate daily for at least 30 minutes. Learning how does kundalini yoga work with meditation and breathing, you can bring about the most desirable changes in your life.

Touching the Spiritual Side

Some experts recommend kundalini yoga[3]Kundalini Yoga: What You Need To Know To Get Started practices to those who want to get in touch with their spiritual side. The power of this type of exercise can awaken a dormant energy and allow consciousness to rise to a higher level. 

In addition, the increased focus can help you deal with negative emotions like anger and stress, which could have been keeping you down. The yogic benefits of these exercises can bring about an enhanced sense of well-being, health, and strength. 

You can get the benefits of these powerful movements just by knowing how kundalini yoga works and learning them with various breathing techniques and meditation.

Why is kundalini yoga so powerful?

Kundalini has been recognized as one of the most profound forms of spiritual practice. The word “kundalini” literally means “coiled snake”. This has always been stressed by kundalini yoga teachers.

Potency of thought being one of its concepts, it tells that the human being’s awakening to his or her own inner awareness will enable the individual to reach a spiritual level beyond the bodily senses. Awakening kundalini may be the end result here.

Powerful energy

Through various tantric practices, the Kundalini, when initiated, can establish a powerful connection with the vast energy which is coiled like a serpent inside the body. This produces energy. This is the energy field that lies below and on top of the physical body.

In this system of yoga, energy is viewed not as a mere substance existing apart from the physical body but rather a vital force capable of changing the very form of the physical body. The actual and tangible world is a reflection of the awakening consciousness of the underlying truth.

Kundalini Yoga practice attempts to awaken this energy life force, which lies just below the Muladhara Chakra (third eye), to promote a powerful connection between mind and body. 

At the base of the human being’s skull is the spine which is connected to the spinal cord and the brain. It is this connection between the physical body and the mind that makes up the nervous system.

The basis of all Kundalini Yoga exercises is a variation of meditation with a breathing exercise, through various breathing techniques, which may also be accompanied by incantation and mantra. Because the movements are ultimately performed in the subconscious, the meditative aspects must also be deeply aware of one’s true self. 

Many students discover that the power of this type of yoga is actually much stronger than they had originally realized. One reason why kundalini Yoga is so powerful is that the movements meditate not on how one might move, but rather on what he or she wants to move. 

The actual physical exercises or yoga poses serve only as a means to an end. To fully awaken the true self, it is necessary to experience the internal stillness and clarity which comes with meditation.

This type of yoga, such as this kundalini practice, is natural way to increase the flexibility of the spine, as well as strengthening the muscles of the limbs. This in turn provides greater range of movement, as well as increased strength and coordination. 

Kundalini Yoga consists of slow, repetitive postures which are designed to increase the overall effectiveness of the nervous system. In addition to its physical benefits, many people, who have attempted this form of yoga, report having a greater sense of mental focus and clarity. 

They often find themselves having a more active mind, which is able to solve problems and deal with issues more efficiently. Those who practice kundalini Yoga are often able to perceive more clearly the inner workings of reality.

The Physical body housing the Energy

Another reason why Kundalini Yoga is so powerful is that it encourages you to look at your body from a different perspective. It views the physical body as an energy construct, and the energy it houses as being capable of causing great harm if it is not appropriately used. 

The energy stored in the physical body can become muddled with our emotional responses and thoughts. This leads to ill health and a weakened immune system, as well as poor judgment and poor self control.

By learning about and practicing various forms of yoga, people can learn to transmute their energy and improve their mental and physical states. 

Those who are curious about why kundalini yoga is so powerful should explore more of the various ways it can be used. They may even discover a new energy source to draw upon in their everyday lives.

Does Kundalini Yoga really work?

does kundalini yoga really work

When you’re wondering “does Kundalini Yoga really work,” it’s very important that you look into this art form before assuming that it’s the answer to all your problems. You see, Kundalini yoga isn’t about performing some magical maneuver that makes you fly up into the air and float away.

Rather, this is a spiritual practice that will help you tap into your own spiritual power so that you can create your very own energetic reality.

Now, you may ask yourself, will this type of yoga practice help you achieve your objectives and purpose?. In responding to this, you may desire to revisit the following information. First, this yoga has been used for thousands of years to successfully increase the energy level within the body while simultaneously promoting spiritual growth. 

By creating a balance between the physical and spiritual side of your being, you’ll be able to experience much more in your day-to-day life, and you’ll be able to take your spirit to new levels altogether.

Therefore, when you inquire upon yourself “does Kundalini yoga really work?”, you may have to cautiously defer to the spiritual benefits of this yoga before you ever consider doing it on your own. 

However,, if you already know how beneficial it can be to your spiritual growth and overall well being, you may want to give this ancient form of yoga a try. You may be surprised at just how much it can benefit you, and you might find that it can provide answers to all of your questions.

How does it feel when Kundalini awakens?

How does it feel when Kundalini awakens

Kundalini arousal is a spiritual practice that anyone can do. It happens to everyone once in their life, but for some people, it happens faster and stronger than others. Many people confuse this practice with hypnosis, but it is not the same. 

There is no mystical or magical thing about kundalini. It’s just a change in consciousness. What does it feel like when Kundalini awakens?

Some people describe it as a very mild buzz, similar to that sound from a fan or an electrical outlet. Others say it is a strong, pulsating feeling, much like an electric shock. 

Others simply say that it sounds like walking on eggshells. No matter what you call it, you can experience the awakening of consciousness at any time during your life if you allow yourself to.

For some people, Kundalini awakening[4]Kundalini Awakening: What Is It and How To Awaken It happens quickly and unexpectedly. They may have a dreamless sleep for several minutes and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. 

Some individuals have experienced awakening much slowly, sometimes lasting months. These people may have to meditate for months, sometimes even years, before they fully become aware of themselves.

In any case, the first few days after an awakening can be very difficult. You may be suddenly very tired and lethargic. Your body may ache or feel raw. You will probably want to make the most of the few hours you have before sleep and eat only healthful foods. 

Even though your body is exhausted, you may find yourself still feeling energized when you awaken in the morning. This is due to the fact that your body has already eliminated the last traces of non-digestible food during the time you were sleeping.

However, don’t worry too much about the initial discomfort.[5]Six Definite Signs You’re Experiencing Kundalini Awakening This is simply the beginning of your new awareness and consciousness. After this period, the Kundalini awakening will progress normally. 

If you are having any emotional or spiritual difficulties or any pain or discomfort, these will intensify as you move through your shift into higher consciousness.

It’s important to realize that no matter how the Kundalini awakening comes to you, it will be a deeply personal experience. It may come at all hours of the night or even at odd hours in the day. 

The key is to keep your awareness open and be comfortable with the new experience. When you are able to experience the fullness of your awakened state, you will understand what it means to be in such an incredible moment. 

As you practice your breathing exercises, meditate, and watch your mind, you will be slowly emerging from your awakened state and into the greater reality of living and being in the world.

What triggers kundalini awakening?

What triggers kundalini awakening

One must learn what are the specific chakra aligned posture to awaken kundalini. Awakening the power of the chakras is a very sensitive aspect.

The energy of the chakras is believed to be extremely delicate. In some cases, the same can even be disrupted by certain emotional states that the individual may experience. These disruptions will then manifest as changes in the energetic flow of the chakras.

The specific chakra aligning posture, condition, or technologies to awaken the power of the wheels of life will depend on the understanding of the latter’s subtle energies, and how they interact with each other.

Some of the most popular and effective ways of aligning the chakras include Yoga, meditation, breath awareness, Reiki, color therapy, crystal ball gazing, etc.

The ultimate goal of this process is to unblock the energy channels of the body so that the energy itself can then be directed to the different parts of the body to trigger awakening.

When you are learning the specific chakra aligned posture to awaken kundalini, you should not only pay attention to the position of the chakra that you need to align yourself.

You also have to be aware of the colors of the chakra that you are using. The color will help to determine the chakra that you are aligning with.

Final Thoughts

The question on the minds of people in the Kundalini Yoga community is “How does Kundalini actually work?” 

For the practitioners in this field, it is undisputed that the reference to, and connection with, the spiritual energy was one of the dynamics that drives the world of Kundalini Yoga into a popular meditative and spiritual practice since the ancient times of meditation and yoga

Similarly, it is this energy that brings about changes and benefits not only to the practitioner but also to those who are subject to its effects, like the renowned yoga teacher, Yogi Bhajan. 

In his book, Awaken the Kundalini Power, he presents his students with an overview of the physiology of kundalini energy, as well as the basics of how kundalini works.

When asked about how kundalini works in his yoga class, Yogi Bhajan said: “The power of Kundalini is like a fan. It’s easy to blow, but once you get a steady stream of air flowing through the fan, it starts working at a really high level. 

Kundalini Yoga’s effect is almost instantaneous. A slow, steady flow of energy will keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect balance.”

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