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How To Get Hyperextended Jumps? – Yogkitgymfitness

A lot of people will just give up in achieving their goals, for one reason or another, whether justifiable or not. It may be attaining a certain General Point Average [GPA], earning a medal from a sport contest, getting to your dream university, or even simply expressing our feelings to our loved ones.

Determination and reliance to one’s ability may have an effect on these consequences. An individual will start an endeavor carrying with him a result-driven purpose, believing that he can do the same.

Yet, for trying the same for quite sometime will end up short of achieving his goal. Honestly, many of us in life experience this, whether on a macro or micro perspective.

Performing hyperextended jumps is not exempted from this giving up attitude. It is awesome enough to gain some attention, and having the motivation to try it.

However, it is similarly hard enough when you are at the point to just give up trying in the middle of your training.

There are various reasons why a person wanted to perform a hyperextended jump. It can be just to post to your social media accounts,  improve cheerleading techniques, or because you genuinely want to try it.

Whatever reason you  may have, this discussion will attempt to convince you to continue training and give some advice on how to improve your jump or leaping ability.

Advices involve correct body positioning, training drills you can exploit, and the mamba mentality every athlete must have–determination!

How do I make my jumps higher?

There are various reasons why a person cannot jump higher than their usual jumps. The  reasons include energetics, biomechanics, physics, and physiology. Improving all of these aspects will definitely improve your jump height. 

As lucky as it gets, the energetics for a single jump will be not much different from person to person. Even an ordinary person who works out for once a week will have the same energetics  as Kobe Bryant or an Olympic athlete.

In repeat jumps, however, that is a different story already as it involves muscle endurance. It also varies whether person has a sustainable legs and calves strength to repeatedly leap.

It is, as well, necessary to point out that improving arm swing and joint sequencing is probably the most important aspect in this  category to improve your jump height.

The arms help the legs to exert better spring-like force to help you jump higher. Joint sequencing is “your ability to coil the legs tight like a spring and then uncoil it in the proper order.”

Performing these two concepts in near perfection will greatly help you in achieving you jump height goals. Do thee consistently upon proper cueing and results will follow.

As to the other aspects, biology and genetics plays a huge role in improving those. Nonetheless, do not falter. Consistent training and practice will bring out the best in you!

How can I get my toe touch higher in a day?

Let us be honest, we are not all born with the talent to touch our toes, just like how cheerleaders  do it. Lucky us, some of the most sought cheerleaders are not born with an insane talent to touch their toes, anytime of the day.

Yet, there are drills which can help bring the best out of us. These drills are stretching, leg lifts, side high kicks, toe touch proper, and some strategic workouts.

Bear in mind your goals, which is strengthening your calves and legs and conditioning them to leap higher.

Just like in any sport or physical activity, stretching will have to play a vital role in preventing  unnecessary injuries, and with greater extent conditioning your muscle for the main drills.

If your skipping stretching you are putting yourself for a higher risk to have torn ligaments and pulled muscles.

Any stretching techniques, which involves stretching your whole body, are readily available throughout the internet. You can find easily find them. They will suffice. 

Leg Lifts Exercises

Leg lifts are done by sitting in a straddle on the floor, with your hand behind you for support, then slightly lean back and lift both legs, maintain the position for about 20 seconds and  release.

Do this for three sets to train your muscle. By performing side high kicks, it is as if you are doing toe touch already, although half-baked.

For the final exercise, do your toe touch exercise and repeat as you may please until you are satisfied with your workout. Doing this will surely improve your toe touch technique.

What are hyperextended jumps?

Hyperextended jumps mean that your legs, while jumping, are lifted so high that they are almost, or indeed, parallel to the ground.

Hyperextended jumps are done by gymnasts, cheerleaders. Elite athletes include these in their training routines.

Some just want to do this to post an overly hyped picture in their social media accounts, just to post, impress, and possibly acquire followers.

–Well meaning observation

To be able to do hyperextended jumps, a person either has extraordinary genes which allow him to do so without training.

For most of us, this may be learned and acquired through months, years, or even decades of training the body to the limit. 

How to make jumps look higher?

Having a high jump height is a good thing. Yet it is a whole different story if you have the skills to make it look like your jump is higher than it actually is.

Sad thing though, there is not much we can do on how people perceive your jumps. The fact is, when you jump high, it will look high, and when you jump low, it will look just like the lowest point in your life.

Kidding aside, there is still a way to make your jump look higher. Remember how Michael Jordan looked like he is floating in the air?

It is not brought by some special camera tricks, exploitation of camera angle, nor by having poor camera qualities.

The truth is, Michael Jordan was stretching his upper body mid-air to gain a little bit more height and curled his legs to avoid immediate contact on the ground.

In doing so, he was able to make it appear like he is floating. Not superhuman abilities, but elite  athletic capabilities.

Now who wants to be like Mike? I am!

Jump conditioning drills

We have tackled and discussed that having a good jump largely depends on how hard you work in training. More importantly, you determination will play a significant role, as well, in your voyage to attain success.

Nevertheless, what are the best trainings available to get yourself that hang time you want? The  World Wide Spirit Association recommends you to do the following:

“Complete this sequence 3 times for a total of 19 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes between  each sequence.

High Knee – 30 seconds – Jog in place and lift your knees up to your chest Box Hops – 30 seconds – Use tape to create a cross to make four 1-foot square boxes.  Hop from box to box (with feet together), clockwise

Butt Kick – 30 seconds – Jog in place and kick your heels up to your glutes Box Jump – 30 seconds – Explode up off the ground, landing as softly as possible Burpee – 1 minute – Squat position (hands on ground) to plank position (arms  extended) to squat position (hands on ground) then leap up (arms raised)

Jump Tap – 1 minute – Stand near a wall, jump up, and tap hands on a spot 1 foot  above your reach

Mountain Climber – 1 minute – Plank position with arms extended, bring each knee  forward.”

5 Drills To Achieve Higher Jumps For Cheer

Final Thoughts

Achieving your goal of doing hyperextended jumps is hard. The reason is that it will highly depend on your ability to endure the months, years, or even decades of training to achieve the same.

It can be frustrating sometimes when you are pressed to have fruitful results in short period of time. Then, because of the feeling that you are going nowhere despite your efforts, you may want to decide to quit, not knowing that you have not yet maximizing your potential.

This will boil down to the idea of impossible undertaking or goal, to say the least. Yet, as the saying goes, you can do better and try and try until you succeed.

Nevertheless, to say that it will be impossible for you to do because you lack talent is just wrong! Physical science have taught us that hyperextended jumps can be achieved through hard work, persistence, and determination, just like anything in life. 

With that in mind, it is hoped that you were able to get some inspiration from this relevant information to jump start your day training, thus, beginning your journey to achieve your goals.

“The journey to a thousand miles will always start with a single step.”

–Well Known Proverb

Hopefully, you will be consistent in training for the coming  years. Just do away with unwarranted distractions. You will eventually come to a point of realizing your goals and objectives.

Congratulations to you, in advance!

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