Journaling Ideas For Anxiety | What Can You Also Do


Anxiety is an emotional state of mind where a certain individual is filled with worried thoughts and fear of what may or may not happen. Anxiety is associated with fear which makes it sometimes an unhealthy scenario, both mentally and physically.

However, being anxious is of course a normal feeling. Having something to fear of is not a disorder. Every human being at some time and at some point feels afraid. There are things we cannot deny that we are anxious to happen or that we are afraid of not happening.

Aside from having strong psychological arsenal, journaling your ideas for anxiety may, as well, provide relief, so as to be pre-occupied with something positive.

Compulsive nature

Anxiety only becomes a disorder when it is being felt almost every time. When it is already a compulsive nature. When there is nothing to fear of and a person still feels anxious, there might be a possibility that there is something wrong with that particular person.

Behavior aberrations and Anxiety with pain

When anxiety is also associated with acts or behaviors which are not normal is also a sign of a different disorder. Moreover, when anxiety is accompanied with physical pain such as chest pain or heart palpitations that may be an indication that the anxiety is not normal anymore.

Traumatic Experience

There is also an anxiety which is brought about by a person’s traumatic experience. This is an anxiety attack that a person can have at no specific time. Most of the people having this kind of feeling are soldiers. Their past experiences in battle were never easily forgotten by their mind.

Social Phobia

The last one is called social phobia, this is an anxiety of a person characterized by overwhelming self-consciousness. This kind of anxiety exists in everyday social settings. Most people having this type of disorder prefer to spend more time alone and avoid crowd.

Anxiety may be a Disorder but not a Disease

These are disorders and not a disease. These disorders are caused by the mind not by the person possessing such disorder. The worst part of having this disorder is that it is beyond control of a person.

Although may be a medical condition

Although some consider that anxiety disorder is a medical condition. There are ways to overcome it without relying on medicinal drugs. One of which is creating a journal for it. Saying something about your anxiety is one way of letting it out.

Catharsis may help | Letting yourself out

It is something like letting the air out of your body. Also, writing about your anxiety enables you to recognize it. It makes you aware that you have such fear. In order to order to overcome an anxiety disorder you have to first recognize that you have one.

Writing them out

Writing about is a way of recognizing it. After knowing your anxiety, you can then establish ways of how to overcome it. Actually, since anxiety is basically a fear, the hardest step to try in overcoming is always the first one.

However, writing about it is already a great step towards overcoming it. Writing something about your anxiety does not require certain formalities. It does not require a specific style. You can start by any way you wanted to start.

You can make something like a diary where you write how anxiety affects your day. You can list the moments you feel anxious in your everyday life. From that, you can start to try doing one step at a time to overcome it.

Brain Dump for Generalized Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a type of anxiety where a person tends to get an exaggerated worry over something which is so little or sometimes over nothing to be worried about.

Sometimes, it is because of thinking millions of possible events that would happen in a future out of a single act or occurrence and the worst part is that all those possible events are not even positive.

Having generalized anxiety disorder is not only detrimental to one’s mental health but it also affects physical productiveness. Worried thoughts confuse minds.

The existence of many negative thoughts would not allow optimum brain functionality and as a result, the output of a person a certain activity is affected. Having so much fear will hinder a person from doing activities as it would cloud one’s decision-making processes.

Anxiety is only a state of mind

As I have mentioned, anxiety is a state of mind. It is something caused by the brain activity. If a person would be able to keep those negative ideas of out of their minds, anxiety will never exist.

Hence, another way of fighting generalized anxiety disorder is by brain dump. Brain Dump is a technique to declutter your mind and puts you on the right track of every day tasks.

Brain dump yourself

Brain Dump is writing everything that runs into one’s mind. This includes chores, bills, assignments, appointments and many more. It is not needed in writing this down to be in any particular order or form. The important thing is to write them all.

After writing, the worries running inside one’s easily goes away. It’s like transferring those thoughts on a piece of paper. Once done with writing everything, you can sort them out from the things you have to do first up to the last.

This way, it will help you to have an efficient day. This will make your hours more productive than sitting around and thinking on the worries. Instead of worrying you are acting on each and every of them.

This technique is effective since it releases the tension from one’s mind. At the same time, those are worries not being thrown, they are listed and you either have acted on them or you will act on them.

Scripting for Anxiety About Your Future Plans

We all know that what we do now may affect what will or can happen in the future, and we also do know that contingencies are inevitable. We will never know what happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We can only assume that we are doing right now would somehow in the future benefit us.

Having anxiety usually affects one’s current activity because of thinking what might happen in the future so instead of making a better present for a better future, the unknowingly do the opposite.

YOLO [You Only Live Once]

There are people who live having a mindset of ‘YOLO’. YOLO means You Only Live Once, even though it does hundred percent guarantee success, its positive effect is better than worrying in the future.

Using YOLO mindset could actually give you a productive day. Well of course, having YOLO in mind does not actually gives you permission to do things which a normal person would really consider dumb.

That is a different matter. What I am trying to say is YOLO mindset is better than worrying. Nobody knows what our future holds. We can only do things today which we think will prevent what we worry in the future. One way of doing such is by scripting for anxiety about future plans.

Write your future plans

Scripting about future plans is writing your future plans. List them all, include in the list what you worry about a specific plan. When you have all the worries listed along with the specific try to think if there are things to you can do to avoid those worries from happening.

If you cannot think of anything that you can do right now to prevent such thing, then skip it. If the things you wanted to prevent will not solely depend on you, you have to skip it because it is only a waste of time.

Like for example, if you wanted to have a son instead of a daughter in the future, skip your worries in connection with such future plan. That will only waste your time since there is nothing you can do today that will give you that tomorrow. It is out of your capability and does not solely depend on you.

Daily Journaling for All Forms of Anxiety

The most common way of addressing anxiety is through journaling. It doesn’t matter what form of anxiety an individual has. Journaling is applicable to all forms of anxiety. It is not limited to any specific type of anxiety disorder.

Keep track of your ideas

The important thing is writing it so that a person can let it out. However, the most effective type of journaling I too personally think for anxiety is that one which is conducted daily. Writing an everyday journal sets a person to a right track.

It also helps a person to identify the tasks needed to be done tomorrow. At the same time, it will help a person to reflect, recall and evaluate the day that passed. It could open ‘what if’ questions. Writing it daily is not for the purpose of regretting the day that passed.

Instead, it allows the writer to think what he could try to do in the future in case same scenario happens again. Writing is also helpful for those persons who cannot share how they feel with other people.

Writing is something like talking to some other people and the paper upon which a person writes is like a person who listens. When you write you can say everything you want. You don’t have to validate yourself towards a piece of paper.

Consequently, the moment you read what you have written is like telling your inner self a story, advising yourself what you will do in the future. So I do recommend journaling for persons having anxiety problems.

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