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Sexy Yoga Poses: How to Increase your Sexual Appetite

We are all mindful of our bodies. Particularly, how do we look? How do we shape up? As such, most of us, if not all, have tried and have been trying to indulge ourselves in fitness activities. Yoga is one form of exercise that anybody can relate to, especially women. For the latter, desirable body shape is the objective; hence, embarking on sexy yoga poses seems like a fashion enterprise.

They are often sexy because they look dynamic, and in fact, they are. In such dynamic poses, you appear to be doing something difficult, but the reality is quite different. It’s the posture itself that may look sensual.

Sexy Yoga Poses

Sexy Yoga Poses

Those who practice yoga do so to keep their bodies fit and flexible. It’s a great way to enhance your flexibility and also increase your ability to breathe properly in a healthy way, whilst performing the postures in a sexy and sensual manner, as you may like to execute the same.

What are sexy yoga poses? Sexy yoga poses are the different kinds of body positions you can do when performing yoga. Just like any other sport, good form is essential in executing the different yoga poses.

What most people want when they go to the gym, it turns out, isn’t just exercise. Most people proceed to an exercise journey because they want something for themselves. Yoga, indeed, is a practice that makes one’s body exude with confidence and sensuality.

Thus, what people seem to want when they practice yoga isn’t just plain workout. They want themselves, wittingly or unwittingly, to project attractiveness. They want to make their yoga more attractive to others. In the same vein, they want to make it more attractive for themselves.

Admittedly also, they want to feel less lonely, more connected, more whole. Therefore, yoga is a perfect application for the self-improving power of social integration. Instead of telling yourself, “I should go to the gym,” tell yourself, “I should practice yoga.”

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Yoga is one of those things that makes your body look good, while your mind gets to work. How can it be both sexy and good for you? Well, first of all, you are not just doing it to make your body look good. That is a boost, of course.

That is just a by-product of doing something else: watching your body in action, noticing how it feels, responding to that feedback. Yoga is a form of self-observation.

Although, you ultimately do it with your body, you do it as well with your mind. That kind of mental concentration can be also sexy. Sexy Yoga is good for you. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty good, either.

Sexy Yoga or Yoga Sexy

For some, yoga also connotes sensuality. Women want to perform sexy yoga, achieving correct posture and at the same time looking picturesque sexy, and otherwise, can be looked upon as yoga sexy.

Hence, knowing the bodily response and the mind conditioning stimulus that yoga poses can deliver, women, in particular, are more intense and hooked-up into indulging in yoga fitness workouts.

There are yoga postures that aid sensuality, and bring out the aura of sexuality. Consequently, these poses harness one’s libido and yoga sensuality.

Sexy Yoga Stretching

Flexibility is one of the consequential results of practicing yoga. For women, their bodies are more tailored to achieving adept flexibility. Hence, before starting the main yoga, you may want to do some sexy yoga stretching, to better attain the desired posture.

How to increase your sexual appetite through yoga?

As will be categorically referred below, specific yoga poses tending to engage the lower region of our body can catapult the secretions of the hormones therein, in order to elicit and produce sexual urges.

Repetitive and constant engagement of the muscles and joints in these areas will undoubtedly help the body’s concerned receptors to complement the sensual thoughts of the human being during this intense workout.

More on these specificities on yoga postures below, which will also assist you to explore varieties of sex position.

Yoga Apparel can exude sexual desire

While doing yoga exercises, it is best that you have a comfortable outfit. For women, sexy yet comfy yoga dresses are the undeniable preferences.

Everyone wants to look good. Doing exercise is no exception. Even in that form of activity, one tries to be aware of her looks wearing the exercise apparel.

Women want to be sexy when they are exercising. They crave on clothes that will show their sculpted body, honed, toned, and shaped.

Engaging in yoga poses can reveal women’s sexy side. Tight yet stretchable clothes serve this purpose.

These type of apparel can showcase female’s seductive aura, making them desirable. Much more to the fitness, clothes can also help you exercise better.

Aside from bringing out women’s sex appeal, tight yoga jeans can spark sexual connections from opposite sex.

It is in this instinctual appreciation that men do want to mingle with women, most prominently in fitness working group situations or fitness environments.

Yoga, therefore, is by far, one of the most sought after fitness workouts that can stimulate sexual appetite through stunning but intense yoga poses.

Coupled with profuse but healthy sweating, women’s look at this stage, can be a powerful libidinal stimulant heightening the desire of every man towards engaging the former, whether with initial talks or other modes of inceptive or beginner’s luck connections.

Desiring to Uptick Your Sensuality, consider these

It is an underestimation that yoga cannot deliver the results that it should suppose to. We all learned, and in fact it is a well-known knowledge, that engaging in the fitness activity, such as yoga, evokes so much advantage for the soul, the body, and the mind.

Nonetheless, the practice of yoga is relatively underrated when it comes to sexual benefits. Little do most of us know that yoga has the capability to heat up and stimulate the excitement and intensity in the bedroom, short of knowing the libidinal extent of one who is tremendously triggered by yoga.

This one is for the Libido, for greater intimacy!

Sexual Awareness

As for beginners, consistent and constant yoga workout will help you become aware of your body, more so, your reflexes and intense feeling.

This regular engagement with yoga will eventually augment bodily sensation during sexual union with your partner.

In this regard, yoga can be a vehicle to foster, nurture, and enhance your sexuality, your libido, and even boost your otherwise barren sex life.

Breathe strategically and you will be surprised what it can bring about. You will feel your inner sanctum, deeply diving into your unfathomable emotion, which you think would never have been tapped, if not for the sensual yoga practice.

Consistency in your Yoga Journey

Henceforth, when you become accustomed in the practice of yoga, particularly also being aware with your sexuality, your physique will positively change, thereby, being sculpted and toned in a voluptuous way, let alone gaining that needed strength and stamina to propel your body in your everyday engagement and activity, whether in sex or otherwise.

Moreover, it will also result to a feeling of confidence when you are naked, even in front of your man.

As you become agile and relaxed with your flexes, you may want to indulge in other additional poses, to heighten your sexual movement and position preference, which you could not have performed when you are then starting out.

Embark and Indulge Immediately

Now, it is up to you. Do not procrastinate. Start out your yoga journey to somehow discover your sexuality. Pick up your yoga accessories, especially your yoga mat. Get your video or watch your tutorial guide when starting out, if you want to first do it on your own.

Learn the basics, then, indulge into a more advance sexually stimulating poses to trigger and enhance the flow of your libidinal hormones.

As you go along with your poses, you may feel the sexual excitement especially when your mind is directed to it. You may want to try love gel with your partner or for you alone depending on your heightened preference as you become stimulated and aroused.

Cat or Cow Pose [Marjariasana]

First, the Cat and Cow pose. This pose is great and beautiful to perform in the beginning of your yoga practice. The primary reason is that it opens up the spine. The effect of the pose starts to move like fluidity through the spine, joining the breath and the body together nicely.  Hence, it should the first pose to do, right in the beginning.

Being good for the spine, this posture will subtly engage the abdominal area and the spinal region. Your pelvic location will, likewise, be connected to the gentle warm-up. Undoubtedly, you need this in order to attain the satisfying orgasm that you keep on fantasizing.

  • To begin, you are going to position yourself on to all fours
  • Make sure that the shoulder is over the wrist
  • You can angle your shoulder forward or more commonly, you can also pitch it behind
  • Again, be aware that the shoulders should be over your wrist
  • Your knees are right underneath your hips

We will discuss the whole anatomy of the pose and the different ways that you can use your feet to aid in this process. Start with the Cow. Think like an Indian cow. Like it needed to eat a meal.

So, it is pictured like this:

  • The belly falls down
  • The shoulders roll back and the gaze comes up towards the sky
  • Inhale
  • When you reverse, you exhale
  • You are now carving your belly in
  • Puff the rib cage up
  • Look in at your navel
  • Inhale, then exhale
  • So you can start to add the toes
  • Twirl your toes inwards, even press back into the toes
  • Gaze up and then the release the toes
  • Press the tops of the feet down and look in at your navel

In intensifying this, you can engage your core more profoundly. Making this as, also, a core will exhilarate your renewed excitement, hence, becoming a core awakening posture. Do these:

  • Tuck your toes under and
  • Hover your knees two inches above the floor and
  • Work the pose this way, and feel your core being engaged

Thus, it is going to be smaller, and it is going to be more subtle. Yet, you will have to engage a little bit in the core body to keep yourself here.

For more visuals, check this one!

Lizard Pose [Utthan Pristhasna]

Want to flex and stretch to fitness your groin area, this lizard pose should be one for the books. This yoga posture helps in opening the groin muscles. Consequently, with your flexibility, you can try with your partner a variety of open ended positions of intimacy.  

The lizard pose is useful for increasing, as well, the hips mobility. Thus, it can support any physical activity such as running and jogging. Agile hips can relieve back pain over time, like many yoga poses.

Similarly, the lizard pose is going to be a great stretch for your leg muscles. Your groin flowing at highs or quads and basically your leg muscles. Hence, integrating lizard pose into your yoga workout will absolutely improve flexibility in your leg and hips muscles.

  • Begin to come on to all fours
  • Prepare yourself to downward dog position
  • Stretch your leg muscles before stepping onto the actual lizard posture
  • Take your deep breath in downward dog
  • Once ready, take your left foot
  • Place it on the outer side of your left arm
  • Then, create space and opening in your groins and your hips
  • If you need to intensify the stretch, place your elbows down onto the mat
  • Interlock your fingers
  • Stay in this position and breathe strategically
  • Once you are ready again straighten your arms
  • Bring your leg back to downward facing dog
  • Relax and do the Child Pose

For visual guide, you can watch this one!

The downward [facing] dog pose alleviates stress, tensions, and pressures from the body. Thus, doing this energizes the same. Adapting to bedroom session with your partner, this downward dog practice will prepare you, more so, your mind and body for a juicy sexual congress.

Additionally, this yoga posture axiomatically impacts the brain, the liver, and the kidneys. This position similarly engages the arms, the hands, the lower back, and the spine.

It flexes the hamstrings, the calves, and the thighs. This puts you into a state where you can calm down the brain, thereby, discharging the stress and depression. Strengthening the legs, the arms, and as well the spine is one of the resulting benefits.

To do downward dog, follow these steps:

  • Take a table cup position
  • Keep the hip and the knee in one line
  • The shoulder and the wrist are also in one line.
  • Move the palms a little forward about 2 inch or 2 ½ /3 inch
  • Then, tuck the toes in
  • Lift the knees up but do not straighten the legs yet
  • Just lift the knees up, keeping the heels higher.
  • Draw the tail bone down towards the pelvis
  • Then, away from the pelvis towards the pubis actually.
  • As you do so, lift your sitting bones up and get some height.
  • After lifting the sitting bones up, draw the upper thigh behind
  • Then, press the hamstrings down while pressing the heels down.
  • Hamstrings are at the back of the thigh
  • Move up from the sitting pose
  • Draw the energy from the inner thigh ankle
  • Move towards the inner legs up into the inner thigh
  • Then, move from upper thigh into the groin.
  • Afterwards, press the outer edge of the palm
  • Keep the base of the index finger down
  • Press it down, draw the energy from the wrist, from the arms into the fingers
  • Feel the shoulder blades getting closer to the back
  • Stretch and widen them
  • Draw the shoulder blades towards the tail bone
  • If you want, you can rest your forehead
  • Maintain like this for a while; breathe strategically
  • Strengthen the back, hold for about 30 seconds and then
  • Slowly as you exhale come down
  • Let the toes come together, back on the feet
  • Rest in extended child pose
  • Slowly come back

For tutorial pattern, here is your visual guide!

Eagle Pose [Garudasana]

Eagle pose or Garudasana brings libidinal twist to the body. Such makes it ready and prepared to intermingle limbs onto that of your partner, hence, the sensual aspect of it. Further, the concentration and targeted breathing to hold this pose will make you aware during carnal engagement.

The eagle posture flexes and extends your hips, your shoulders, your upper back. It does fortifies  your legs and your ankles. It is likewise a wonderful shape to open up the shoulders and the hips, thus, creating indeed better balance and stability.

So, to get into eagle pose:

  • The foundation is chair pose
  • Sit back into a yoga chair
  • Make sure your butt is sitting back
  • As you sit in like-chair, sweep your right arm underneath your left arm
  • Your palms need to touch each other
  • Move the hands to the shoulders
  • Lift your elbows to shoulder height
  • Relax your shoulders down
  • Shift to the left foot
  • Take the right leg over the left leg
  • Cross the legs
  • Make them tight at the knees and thighs
  • Move your toes
  • Touch down like a little kickstand
  • Breathe and hold your position
  • After feeling the tension, keeps still then breathe
  • Then, slowly release the pressure
  • Gradually, go back to the neutral position

You may opt to watch eagle pose in action!

Wide Legged Forward Fold [Upavistha Konasana]

This posture will make you agile and supple. It will help you stretch and flex far enough to withstand any position as you might possibly want when in an intense foreplay or even sexual acrobatics, sending an adrenalin gravity to your pelvic region.

Other benefits to the body include stretching and opening the hip and hamstring areas.

It is a childbirth friendly pose. Also this pose tones the adductors and inner thighs.

This position, similarly, increase blood circulation in the pelvic area, thus, helping to achieve heightened sexual sensation.

When doing this, you must:

  • Move your legs wide apart
  • Keep the back s straight as you can
  • Take your hands to lengthen the spine behind
  • Move palms in front of you then bend from your hip
  • Bend elbows down to bring chest forward towards the floor
  • Slowly stretch forward if comfortable
  • Keep your position if you experience good stretch
  • If your body allows you to go further, reach as far as you can
  • Lift your head up, chin down
  • Keep this position
  • Breathe normally and strategically

Check this one, for more visuals.

Happy Baby Pose [Ananda Balasana]

When you want a dip hip opener yoga pose, happy baby pose is the one should also consider. It is a deep hip extender, thus, augmenting the practitioner’s flexibility.

You can have also an emotional release when doing this posture. The sacral chakra [your passion and pleasure center] can be triggered when performing this pose.

Ananda Balasana strengthens the arms, legs, and back, flexing the inner groin and spine.

It calms the mind and de-escalate stresses.

Likewise, doing this pose may help the body improve digestion.

Absolutely good for the lower back and periodic cramps for women. This yoga position relaxes the sacrum, thus, bringing the heart rate down. A happy baby pose, that what is it.

Finally, it obliterates the tension from the lower back.

Here is what you are going to do:

  • Lie down on your back in supine position
  • From here, flex your right leg, the left leg, then, take it out
  • Bend the knee, then, hold your big toe
  • The knee and the ankle should be in one line
  • Maintain that position and breathe
  • Roll side to side and enjoy that pose
  • Roll front to back and enjoy that pose
  • When there strain coming on the back, add a pillow behind the neck
  • Enjoy the pose and feel the stretch on your groin

This is great blood circulation to the pelvic diaphragm. You can feel a wonderful stretch on your hamstrings.

Happy baby pose. Be joyful and watch this!

Plow Pose [Halasana]

The Plow Pose extends your neck and spine, keeping them supple and agile. Doing this regularly will warm you up and arrest any injuries that may occasion while doing your main exercise.

This is, as well, good for your hips and pelvic region, which can stimulate your sexual appetite, if you are sensually performing your yoga.

You need a lot of core strength here:

  • Take your time keep yourself comfortable
  • Without bending your legs, inhale deeply
  • As you exhale, push your hips down
  • Bring your legs all the way up above your head
  • Take your time, and do not rush into the posture
  • Keep exceeding and use your core
  • Engage your core muscle
  • Bring your leg all the way over your head
  • Now, your hands get interlocked
  • Bring it all the way down strengthening your shoulders
  • Stretching your legs all the way back
  • You can feel your neck shoulder muscles getting strong
  • Keep your breath really normal
  • Hold it for five (5) seconds
  • Release the posture
  • Slowly bring your arms back
  • Gradually bring your legs back to you
  • Take your legs one by one
  • Then, release gently and bend your knees
  • Settle yourself down
  • Take it really slow
  • Relax your leg

A tutorial guide, enjoy seeing this!

Shoulder Stand Pose [Sarvagasana]

Healthy increasing the blood flow in the brain, thereby, keeping you alert is the focus of the Shoulder Stand Pose or Sarvagasana. This is a memory-enhancing posture.

This is also called the “mother of all yoga asanas”. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, hence, relieving hypertension, irritation, short temper, nervous breakdown, and insomnia. Last, it is an anti-aging yoga posture.

To perform this, you must:

  • Lie down comfortably on your back
  • Inhale while bringing both your legs up
  • Slowly and continuously while raising both your legs up towards the sky
  • Position your hips lower
  • Chin and the chest must apart
  • Your actual shoulders lay flat
  • Push, by your hands, your hips all the way forward
  • Now, bring your chest closer to your chin
  • Elongate the lower part of your body creating nice inversions
  • Your blood flow is inverted
  • Keep your breath and hold the posture for as long as you can
  • Keep strengthening your shoulders
  • Hold it for five (5) seconds
  • Release gently and bend your knees
  • Then, bring yourself down
  • Take it really slow and nice
  • Finally, relax your legs

An in-depth visualization, you may want to watch this!

Final Thoughts

Yoga is not merely a physical exercise but a practice that taps into one’s inner sensuality and confidence. People engage in fitness activities not only for physical benefits but also to enhance their personal attractiveness and connection with others.

The concept of “sexy yoga poses” is introduced, highlighting the dynamic and alluring nature of certain yoga postures. It suggests that these poses not only contribute to physical flexibility and fitness but also tap into a person’s sense of sensuality and attractiveness. It connects the practice of yoga to the desire for a more appealing body shape and overall confidence.

The importance of self-awareness, consistency, and focus on bodily sensations is emphasized. Yoga is presented as a practice that not only benefits the body but also enhances sexual awareness and intimacy.

The described yoga poses, such as Cat/Cow, Lizard Pose, Downward Dog, Eagle Pose, Wide Legged Forward Fold, Happy Baby Pose, Plow Pose, and Shoulder Stand Pose, are portrayed as tools that can help individuals explore their sensuality and improve their sexual experiences.

This showcases the significance of yoga attire, suggesting that clothing choices can play a role in enhancing one’s attractiveness and confidence during exercise.

It asserts that tight and stretchable yoga clothing can accentuate the body’s contours, further contributing to the sensation of sexiness and attractiveness.

Readers, particularly women, are encouraged to embrace yoga not only for its physical benefits but also for its potential to enhance sensuality, sexual awareness, and overall confidence.

It portrays yoga as a holistic practice that intertwines physical well-being with emotional and sensual empowerment. By advocating for the integration of yoga into one’s routine, the article ultimately positions yoga as a pathway to a more confident, attractive, and sensually aware self.

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