What Is Positive Energy Yoga | Cultivating Prana

Living a healthy and balance life is a choice. Despite the fact that most of us are busy and focus in our personal growth whether be it in respective work, career, studies, family or any endeavor, we still need to have time with ourselves in order to cultivate a healthy and balance lifestyle.

According to John Maxwell, a known author and speaker, to be successful, we have to focus on our strengths and develop them. To develop these, we need to know first what are the strengths that we need to nurture.

It is not so much hard, for someone who knows his ability and personality, to release and develop his strengths. Generally, it will come naturally as that individual knows himself more than anyone else.

Thus, to be able to help us release and develop these so-called assets, we have to be stable both in mind and in health. This aids us to grow and maintain a positive and successful life, much less a fulfilled person.

We must never forget to be healthy inside and out. We have to show the world our positive mindset, inspiring outlook in life, and our strongest aura. In this little way, we can cultivate positivism within ourselves, and possibly, we can be an instrument of inspiration to others.

Being healthy and fit inside and out is one way fostering positivism

Health and fitness are undoubtedly important and significant. With a healthy and fit body and mind, it will definitely increase the chances of developing one’s strengths and in channeling positivism to an individual.

We all know this, and at the risk of being repetitious, needless to state, there are lots of ways to become healthy and fit:

  • having a healthy and balance diet
  • eating right amount of nutritious foods sufficient to supplement the diet
  • avoiding stress by doing exercise such as playing sports
  • outdoor work-outs or even indoor exercises like yoga

We can also listen to positive healthy energy music or watch good vibes videos with positive energy feeling.

While meditating in the early hours of the day, we would want to hear morning positive meditation music.

Positive energy yoga, how beneficial

As we all know, yoga exercises are now known not only to certain parts of the world but, if we may say, worldwide. One of the consequential benefits of this yoga exercise is to harness positivism within oneself.

Hence, positive yoga is known as a type of exercise which is quite different from our usual work out. We all know that it incorporates, not just physical body, but as well as the mind and spirit.

As to its actual health benefits, we are aware that yoga paybacks are as follows:

  • body toning
  • effective in losing weights
  • supplements diet
  • helps in proper blood flow circulation
  • regulates heart beat rates, blood pressure, digestion
  • releases harmful toxins in our body

Yoga also works out our inner sanctum as the same is connected with the mental and spiritual aspect of our body. It keeps us mentally sane and spiritually stable.

Yoga is composed of body poses which require focus to fully and properly execute the required postures.

It necessitates calmness, thus, resulting to a peaceful mind, relax state, and composed attitude. It is proven to give mind and spirit relaxation.

Yoga is really beneficial to oneself. It helps our body boost our immune system, minimizes stress, and releases positive energy. It regulates ‘prana”.

Understanding Prana

Prana is a Hindu concept which is mostly incorporated in yoga exercises. Prana is called the life force or the vital core energy.

Some says that it is largely connected to the breathing. Yet, it is not the breath per se. It is actually something more of it. It is rarely, and is not easily, understood because of its profound and vast meaning.

Prana is defined as the primary energy which the body connects to, in order to gain sufficient energy in forming a composed body, mind, and spirit. The concept of Prana reverberates from culture to culture and even into different tradition.

It is similar to the life forces that are seen in some principles like the “chi” of Chinese, the “anima” of Romans, the “pneuma” of Greeks, the “ruh” of Islams and “ruah” of Hebrews and the “holy spirit” of Christians.

Prana is, therefore, the fundamental life force. It is the original power coming from within and without the body. From inside, it is connected to the outside world. To fully understand Prana, it is best described that, when we desire to connect to Prana, we must be aware that we integrate not just with our inner self but to the outer world around us as well.

Yoga promotes and nurtures Prana

Nurturing Prana is best attained through Yoga. While best practices usually incorporate Prana to Yoga, most of the people believe that yoga is just one way of promoting the cultivation of prana as prana has a more distinct level in the human body.

In practicing prana, the approach is kind a different. However, yoga is believed as one of the most effective tools in prana cultivation.

While yoga not just promotes physical well-being but mental and spiritual as well, it is an easy avenue and approach to connect prana. This happens because, as mentioned, yoga requires mental and spiritual focus, and with greater extent, calmness, Consequently, by this nature of yoga, incorporating the concept of prana will be much easier.

Connecting prana through yoga is already practiced for a long time. The basics of this concept is like praying while doing yoga. Yoga is proven to affect the mind and spirit of someone who practices it.

It affects the senses which is required in connecting to prana. It needs to focus the mind and spirit within and without the body.

Within body, meaning the inner approach, the inner self. It is usually done by giving full attention in meditating and personal comfort. It usually requires the execution of proper poses of yoga and proper breathing to regulate the flow of energy through the body.

Without the body, meaning the outside world. Prana requires that one must connect the mind and be conscious and be aware of the environment:

  • the air one breaths
  • the sunlight, the sky
  • the sound of the oceans
  • the humming of birds
  • the noise of the silence
  • the positive and essential energy coming from the earth
  • the material world

Connecting Prana through yoga | Beneficial

When integrated, Yoga and prana must come hand in hand. It benefits benefit the body, the mind, and the spirit, thereby, attaining sanity, comfort, and positivity. This is positive energy yoga.

Prana is believed to regulate all the functions of physical body, the breath meaning the oxygen supply, the release of proper amount of waste air elements in the body. It also helps the digestion, elimination of body toxins.

It cleans the air in the body which is needed for good health. The body controls and regulates the flow of prana within and throughout it.

The breathing, for example, signals the brain and heart to receive, release, and distribute the prana to other parts of the body.

Once the prana has been properly distributed to the body, it develops ability in controlling the same, thus, gaining body harmony. This process is healthy and beneficial to both mind and body, even in spirit as well.

Connecting to Prana is also interlinking the body, mind and spirit to inner self

Considering the fact that yoga is beneficial in cultivating prana, one must be aware on how to effectively do yoga. Where and when the same must be done, in order to fully cultivate the prana, resulting to attainment of positive energy.

The proper practice of yoga has been established, and it may be learned through cycle processes. It will be more advantageous if the beginners will engage and enroll first in some yoga class or lessons and be mindful to the basic concepts of yoga.

The core setting of prana cultivation through yoga is the time and place where it must practice. It is taught that cultivation of prana through yoga is best done when one is fully dedicated and sincere in doing the same, in total connection with his inner self and outside world.

You cannot do it when something is bothering you, or when you are in a great stress or when you are not focused on the goal. It is best practiced in a silent, and peaceful environment, free from stress and from negative energy.

Some practice it in beaches, in mountain, and even in forests where they can connect more to the world and nature, and where concentration and focus are best served.

While it is true that you need to connect to the material world to seek prana through yoga, it does not mean that you cannot do it in any other place. Be reminded that the focus of Prana is integrating with the inner self.

The only requirement is that when practicing it, you must be in a more tranquil environment suited to you desire of achieving harmony within yourself and with your environment.

The connection of the body to the environment that surrounds you means that you need not climb mountains or swim in the middle of the sea to just connect to the prana.

It is enough that you fully understand and fully know the way on how to connect to the world that surrounds you.

You have to be able to be focus and concentrate and to be comfortable and steady. It is a matter of achieving oneness of the body, mind, and spirit, and inner self.

Final Thoughts

We have learned that connecting Prana through yoga is beneficial in all aspect. It fosters positivism within the self. It may promote positive energy.

Consequently, connecting prana through the practice of yoga is an effective tool to interlink the body, mind, and spirit, and the inner self.

As mentioned, one has to first develop his strengths in order to achieve the fruits thereof. Cultivating Prana is just one way to improve the strengths within ourselves.

Positive energy yoga really, thus, helps in cultivating, promoting, and nurturing Prana. Prana through positive energy yoga would definitely empower an individual to be more positive in life and optimistic in every endeavor. Positivity is the key!

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