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What Is Simhasana Yoga In Astrology?

Yogas are specific Planetary combinations in astrology charts. They are essentially special combinations of planets in connection with houses and other planets. They are meant to make the practitioners wealthy, prosperous, and powerful. However, some are also dangerous and can make lives a hell. Hence, one should interpret the same with an open mind and cautiously at that, with the help and guidance of a professional practitioner.

Simhasana Yoga, in Vedic astrology, refers to, when in a horoscope, the lord of 1st house is placed in the 10th house, or it may also mean that the lord of the 10th house is positioned or put in the 1st house.

In addition, this simhasana astrological sequence may be formed in other variations of houses and planetary movements, as Vedic Astrology pattern may allow, to show its beneficial results.

In this set-up, Simhasana Yoga is then formed in the horoscope. If practiced well, this astrological pattern may bless its followers [native] with good results in terms of their employment or profession.

This may assist them in getting or maintaining fame and reputation and many benefits in other facets in life.

One who practices Simhasana Yoga correctly may secure a post of high authority in the government.

Nevertheless, with all these interpretations, these are astrological guidance which the people, native or not, may find significance, both in their lives and how they conduct the same.

What are Simhasana yoga benefits?

When the 10th House Lord is relegated to Kendra Houses or Trikona [1st House or Lagna (one of the four trikonas)] or 2nd House [income, inflow of finances, self-earned wealth, worldly possession], the formation of Simhasana Yoga ensues; it is called Kshetra Simhasana Yoga.

With this formation, benefits abound. Simhasana Yoga can bless the native [followers and practitioners] with name and fame. They can become popular and recognized, whether on a national or in an international stage.

They can also enjoy the position of power and authority in certain state or government institution or private organization, such as big corporations and high-profile companies.

In actuality, you need to do so much more than just doing the aforementioned conditions in order to see the intended results.

This means that there are other conditions that need to be done to make sure that the process is correctly performed.

Simahasana Formation

Benefic and Malefic

With this, the lords of the first or tenth house should be duly benefic. In Astrology, benefic relates to the planets Jupiter and Venus, which are traditionally considered to have a favorable influence.

In horoscope, a malefic lord may not form this yoga whereas one such partly malefic lord may not form effective Simhasana Yoga.

Malefic, in astrology, relates to, or revolves on, the planets Saturn and Mars, which are traditionally considered to have an unfavorable influence or consequence.

To illustrate, note that Saturn is placed in the tenth house of a horoscope in Scorpio. With an Aquarius ascendant, Saturn may be considered as partly benefic and also as partly malefic in horoscopes.

Simhasana Yoga, ergo, may not be constituted in the horoscope, or it may improperly work, yet, it will still bank on the totality of astrology prediction.

In the book called Pitra Dosh – Ancestors are Calling (Revised Edition), the concept of a planet being partly benefic and also being partly malefic has been illustrated.

To have another example, let us say that Saturn is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Aries, in Aries navamsha of Ashwini nakshatra.

The functional nature of Saturn is that it is flexible in horoscopes with Aries ascendant. In this case, Saturn is not comfortable with Aries, in Ashwini nakshatra and in Aries navamsha.

Therefore, it may become more malefic than benefic, and the Simhasana Yoga may not be formed in the horoscope, or it may not work correctly depending on the overall horoscope.

In the chapter ‘Gemstones for House Lords’ of the book ‘Gemstones – Magic or Science (Revised Edition)’, the concept of planets exhibiting tendencies to be either benefic or malefic on the basis of the houses that they rule in a horoscope was explained.

Another example would be this, assume that benefic Jupiter is placed in the tenth house of a horoscope in Sagittarius.

With this, Pisces rises in the ascendant and Jupiter rules the first as well as the tenth house. Therefore, Simhasana Yoga may be formed in this case.

To discuss another example, assume that benefic Saturn is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Taurus. Saturn rules the ninth and tenth house in this case and it is benefic, and therefore, Simhasana Yoga may be formed.

Once the formation of Simhasana Yoga is confirmed, what needs to be checked first is its corresponding strength.

Simhasana yoga’s strength is figured out and determined by reason of the placements of planets in its formation under various signs, nakshatras and navamshas.

It is, as well, resolved through the influences of other benefic and malefic planets upon them. The overall theme of horoscope and running times likewise affect the strength of this Yoga.

For instance, assume Jupiter is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Gemini, in Capricorn navamsha of Ardra nakshatra.

Jupiter rules the tenth house, which means that it is not strong in Gemini, and it is weakened in Capricorn. Thus, a weak form of yoga is formed.

Another scenario is this: assume that Saturn is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Taurus navamsha of Rohini nakshatra. Since Saturn is strong in Taurus, it is comfortable with Rohini, and it is strong in Taurus navamsha, thereby, creating a strong form of yoga.

–Simhasana Yoga, Astrologer Panditji

Planetary Periods

If you look at the running times, when Mahadashas (planetary periods) of malefic planets are in effect, the benefic consequence of Simhasana Yoga may be lessened.

However, if Mahadashas of benefic planets, other than the ones involved in the formation of this yoga are in effect, then benefic effects of this yoga may increase.

Finally, if Mahadashas of the planets, which are involved in the creation of Simhasana Yoga are working, then, the native may witness maximum benefits.

-Simhasana Yoga, Astrologer Panditji

Which is the most powerful yoga in astrology?

As for what is considered the strongest yoga, the Panch Mahapurush Yoga is deemed to be one of the most powerful and beneficial Yogas in Vedic Astrology.

It is said to be the Yoga representing “5 Great Men”, which is Panch Mahapurush. It is a high-level Yoga and the person who has any one of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga is considered to be born as a king, or he is deemed to be equivalent to one.

The “5 Great Men” signifies the 5-star planets which refer to Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Vedic Scriptures states that when the “5 Great Men” are placed under the influence of Panch Mahapurush Yoga, the Planet gets ultimate strength. This is the reason why it is considered to be an extremely high level Yoga.

Yet people are often misguided and mislead by the fact that it is actually very easy to read, and to find Panch Mahapurush Yoga in a Birth Chart.

Are there worst Yoga in Astrology? | Which is worst?

Now let us discuss the worst yoga, or should we say the most feared yoga in astrology. Their presence can increase the level of negativity in a native’s life. Below are two of the most feared yoga types.

First is the Kemadruma Yoga. According to Vedic Astrology, Kemadruma Yoga, in a kundli, is formed because of the special placement of the Moon.

When the Moon is in a house, and there is are no other planets are in position except for the Sun in the second and twelfth house from that house, this is where Kemadruma Yoga is formed.

This yoga is formed if the Moon is in a specific house, and if there are no other planets are in alignment in the second and twelfth house from that house. Another situation that forms a Kemadruma Yoga is when either Rahu or Ketu is found in these houses.

In his book Brihajjatakam, along with Mantreshwar Maharaj, Varahamihira discussed a lot about Kemadruma Yoga.

He said that with the impact of this yoga, a native becomes unhappy, malicious, and poor. According to the shastras, when a Kemadruma Yoga is formed, a native suffers from various troubles and difficulties in his or her life.

This yoga signifies poverty, hardships, and mental suffering in life. Such a person’s life becomes hellish and he continuous to grow with conflicts.

Second is the Chandal Dosha Yoga. It is formed when Jupiter and Rahu are aligned together in any one zodiac sign or house, or if they are related to each other in the kundli.

The consolidation of these two planets has given rise to Guru Chandal Yoga or the Chandal Dosha. It is considered to be extremely inauspicious and feared.

The influence of Guru Chandal Yoga is completely widespread. It exerts influence on one’s consciousness, which leads to a rising negativity and badly affects that person’s behavior. Moreover, he may be seen often around failures.

With the impact of the Chandal Dosha yoga, one is then deprived of the comforts and happiness in life. Such person continuously faces excessive and chronic troubles in life.

Any native influenced by the Chandal Dosha Yoga achieves a materialistic inclination and negative attitude in life.

He will most likely go to extents in order to fulfill his ambitions, and he may tend to have a strong desire to earn money and may lose his sense of right and wrong in the process.

He will suffer from character assassination and can develop a violent and fundamentalist approach under certain circumstances.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a yoga in astrology refers to specific Planetary combinations and alignment that people go to for direction and inspiration.

They are special combinations of planets in connection with houses and other planets that will help determine fortune, or misfortune in the life of a native or practitioner.

In the most positive sense, the good and the powerful yogas are meant to make the practitioners wealthy and powerful.

They are meant to bring happiness into one’s life. On the other hand, however, there are also some that are feared and are considered dangerous.

If practiced well, Simhasana yoga [in astrology] may bless the native with a bountiful life in relation to their employment, economic status, reputation, and overall happiness in life.

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