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Right now, choice of clothes rests, aside from fashion, on comfortability. Do women really wear yoga pants because they are comfortable? Yes, indeed. Being light material and having fine textures, yoga pants seem to fit the bill.

More than that, it appears casual yet fashionable to say the least. It can show lively personality with a touch of confidence. You will give yourself a nice outfit, actively engaging, and cozy feeling.

Why do women wear yoga pants?

Foremost, women wear yoga pants because they are comfortable to, and for, the body, especially waist down.

For the active ones or for those whose work requires them most of the time standing, yoga pants are better suited for them.

Those who regard that yoga pants and leggings are the same, they suit them up because the apparel will showcase their toned legs, thus, appearing sexier outside.

To those people who have some kind of physical activity, like dancing or other bodily movements, they want to gear up with yoga pants for ease of transitions.

Dancing seems to get better when wearing yoga pants.

Those who do not prefer tight jeans with buttons or zipper because of the additional time it takes to put them on will definitely go for the easy to wear apparel.

What is the advantage in wearing yoga pants?

At the risk of being repetitious, comfortability is the foremost advantage. However, there are tangible and intangible benefits that go on with trying this outfit.

First, we tackle the manifest or the tangibles. Most active women, in their teens, early adulthood, in their prime, and also included are those in the mid-life, it is their preference to gear up with the kind of outfit that will showcase their active lifestyles.

It may be that they are engaged in some form of workout or fitness, outdoors, hiking, cycling, or other similar engagements.

In this particular case, yoga pants or leggings are one of the types of clothes that they will want to try on. While there are sort of distinctions between them, they are being used interchangeably by some.

It helps their mobilities and transitions from one movement or position to another. In hiking, some ladies will prefer this as they can move with ease.

For me, I fit yoga pants or leggings. When on it, I am very comfortable in moving. They are really elastic, stretchable, and lightweight, thus, awesome. In addition, when you immediately decide to embark into rock climbing, hiking, jogging, or running, you will be really on the get go! Indeed, while I like shorts, yoga pants have an extreme advantage when I am on such activities.

–Fitness Enthusiast/Outdoor Babe

In most of my intuitive and instructive content, I am still amazed why yoga pants or leggings are so popular! But one thing also is for sure and I experience it: Leggings or yoga pants are are undoubtedly one of the Best Pants!

–Amazed Lady

Second, the intangibles. This is more on the psychological side and also the inbound and outbound perceptions.

Being a tight fit apparel, it necessarily adopt to sculpted and toned legs. Hence, for those who have sexier tone, tight and stretchable yoga pants or leggings can exude their desirable sexy sculpted legs.

Obviously, this is a boon for most girls, who want to be perceived as having great over all body shape. Thus, they imbibe the saying “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Are women’s clothes uncomfortable?

Women’s clothing are oftentimes labeled as uncomfortable. Design wise, these clothes generally caters for fashion and style, yet sacrificing comfort. They are created for the girls to fit and not the other way around.

Outfit that should match the high heels shoes, tight upper arm jackets From high heeled shoes to jackets which are tight in the upper arms, cut at the waist, and too small around the torso are just one of the many.

Women’s “professional” clothes too, when worn, may give her hard time to seamlessly move.

Casual apparel, even them, sometimes feels awkward. In fact, T-shirts that profess women’s styles are delimiting. They affect mobility.

Likewise, the unconventional term “unisex” variety can really be annoying in style for girls because they are too large in arms, back, and shoulders, yet, sometimes too small across the chest.

Notably it is hard to look for easy-fitting jeans. When you got one, it is sometime creaky and not a smooth fabric. The undergarments are at time vexing.

What they can say?

Common denominator in this is that, those people who like to wear yoga pants, do so because they add to a stress-free feeling.  

“After a day’s hustle, I went home. Sure enough, I had to change clothes. I initially remove my shoes.”

–Working Mom

“Sitting down, cusp for 3 to 5 seconds, then I stood up to take my comfy yoga pants and put it on. Likewise, I got my tank top to complete my dress mode.”

–Active Gal

“However, when I felt cold, I will put my sweater on. It felt good. Comfy inside; yet, battling the cold outside. The feeling is cozy and satisfying, as it induces calmness.”

–Cozy Girl

“These collections of my yoga pants are elastic, less weight, and fluffy. They hinder not my mobility. I can transition from one position to another effortlessly.”

–Penchant Fox

“These as well have tight grip on my skin. They do not fall. I can leave them be without any worry. A certainly good fit apparel.”

–It Fits

What women thinks when men look at them?

Most women are aware that men glance or stare at them when the fit tight clothes in ther body, especially leggings or yoga pants, as the case may be.

However, for some, this is not an issue as we think it is. Men do not just gawk women who wear yoga pants.

Staring, resting and eyeball, propounding provocative comments, trying to arouse, as they know for a fact, men always do this regardless of hat women wear.

These ladies know the instinct of men, because how men choose to behave has absolutely nothing to do with how they put an outfit on themselves.

Most of the time or even every time, I never bother to think those strange men around me, what they think, or what they want about me, unless I will be forced to. I do not care.

More importantly, I do not even bother myself about their opinion on my outfit. As long as these staring men never touch me, I do not care what their motives are.

But when they have the balls to converse and interact with me, that it the time when I will fathom their objectives, and that will all boil down whether they will be polite and respectful.


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