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Yoga Before And After: How Yoga Changed My Life | Fitness Outlook

Yoga is both a great exercise and discipline at the same time. Thus, it is time to share the writer’s yoga before and after to show how it has impacted his life and fitness outlook.

Yoga, true to its consequence and resultant effect, indeed, has helped the writer to have a better perspective of complementing his mindset to value health more than ever.

Yoga discipline, also, has thought him to be consistent and never, for a second, procrastinate in his newfound endeavor.

As the days passed after starting to enjoy this yoga fitness workout, he had become accustomed to its regimen, thus, becoming the same part of his daily life.

Before Yoga [Yoga Before and After]

Before Yoga | Fat Body

When I was a kid, I am an active individual. I play all sorts of games, be they street games or sports. I like playing basketball and swimming.

While I can say that I can play ball, however, I am small. I was only 5’2” when I was in high school. Hence, as much as I want to become a varsity player, I was consistently rejected because of my height.

When I got into college, I happened to indulge myself in music. I, together with my classmates, formed a band. I got into vices, such as drinking, smoking, and other unhealthy lifestyles.

I prioritized my band rather than my studies. I got a failing grade. Fortunately, I still graduated from college. I became stout because of continuous drinking and binged eating. I had no regard for my fitness then.

My previous active lifestyle had gone into oblivion. I never bothered to exercise anymore or play the sports game that I like before. My health deteriorated.

When I was done with my undergraduate studies, I was still active in my band for another year. Doing those drinking session with my bandmates and other people who were within our circle.

This went on consistently, until I had decided to take up my post graduate studies, upon the request of my mother. I took up law. I was 21 years old then.

Reluctantly, I left my band. I started focusing on my studies. I had to make a choice between immediate pleasure and career in life henceforth. It is a god thing that when I was still a kid, I really wanted to become a lawyer.

This study also took a toll upon me. Entering law school and studying everyday also affected my health and fitness.

Although a different experience from my college [undergraduate] life, I was also sedentary, sitting for more than five hours everyday just studying. My drinking routine was not also halted.

Indulging in liquor was indeed a relaxation for me during my law school days. Fortunately, I finished my law degree. I passed the bar examination and eventually became a lawyer. I was 26 years old.

When I finished school and eventually becoming a law practitioner, I had health problems already. I was hospitalized and had a surgery way back in 2006, because I had pleural effusion. Water has to be extracted from my lungs through chest tube operation.

However, as stubborn as I was, drinking and smoking still continued. Until sometime in November 2011, I suffered hypertension, which almost may have led to stroke, according to my sister who is a doctor of medicine as her profession.

I had to rest for a month, and also eating the prescribed food that will somehow benefit my health at that moment. [1]Writer’s Post & Experience

After Yoga [Yoga Before and After]

toned body

From this experience, I had decided to embark on a fitness journey. Beginning January 2012, I started a mild workout, which was stationary jogging.

I jogged for 5 minutes every day for two weeks. Then, increasing my minutes in progression until I reached the 30-minute mark. As far as I can remember, this was for the third month [March 2012].

While doing this, I incorporated other exercises, until I got hooked with P90x Yoga or what they called “Yoga X”.

It was really a yoga fitness exercises, following certain yoga postures but not that traditional yoga with meditation. Breathing was also essentially important while doing the yoga execution.

This, I may say changed my outlook into fitness. At first, it was a superficial yoga, focusing mainly on fitness routine, without knowing what type of yoga I was doing t that time.

Eventually, as time went by, I started studying also yoga and found out that Yoga X of P90x is just a tip of the iceberg.

Now, I know that yoga s a discipline focused mainly on union between the mind and body.

I get to know and practice other forms of yoga. Thanks to P90x, it opened my mind about yoga, albeit initially. I can safely say that, in terms of my fitness journey and consistency to do it, yoga is my primary mind and body exercise regimen.

It changed my fitness lifestyle. Life is more abundant when you are healthy. This does not mean that for everybody, yoga should be the primary workout. However, for me, it is the one thing that modified my exercise outlook. [2]Writer’s Post & Experience

How can yoga change your life or fitness outlook?

fitness outlook

It cannot be argued that yoga workouts are by far complementary to achieving healthy lifestyle. [3]How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Through Yoga Moreover, there can be no doubt that this form of exercise, much less discipline, is powerful, influential, and, right now, prevailing. Our modern world accepts this.

Yoga has established itself as reward-giving exercise to most, if not all, human beings in this world.  It has helped individuals reached their health zenith and desired body physique, toning and shaping them in the most optimal form possible. Yoga is now a fitness lifestyle that transforms a person into a healthier specie.

Consequently, the practice of yoga can change your life and even your fitness outlook, as buttressed by the above explanation. Of course, it would depend on how determined and focused are you to incorporate it in your life.

One can imagine that prior to his health awareness of himself, he is lackadaisically unmindful of any fitness strategies that will help himself, his well-being, and his body. He may be a truly careless individual.

Yet, when someone is determined to make his lifestyle befits his health awareness and the possible benefits thereof, he will be more open in indulging himself into any fitness and health routine, not exactly yoga.

But, as the writer experienced it, yoga is a complete health, fitness, workout, and mind discipline regimen package. As what it means, yoga is a union between the mind and body. Hence, peace of mind and tranquility can also be achieved. In this regard, yoga can alleviate stress, anxiety, and worry.

Parenthetically, only the individual himself can assess whether yoga can be a life-changing factor in his life. At any rate, we are all different. Yoga may work for one, yet conversely, for others. Nevertheless, as a general effect, yoga is a health and fitness workout and also a mind-and-body discipline strategy.

We are a better generation in these contemporary times

Looking back and exploring the present, the writer can compare what he had undergone and the trials and tribulations of the past based on historical records. As such, he thanks this generation that he is part of and congratulates the subsequent ones to come.

We are living in different times than our predecessors went through. From the period of yester years up until this moment where we enjoy the benefits of technology, there has been a leap of change, from outdated health protocols to advanced, modern, or high-tech approaches in curing or preventing illnesses.

We all know from historical data that diseases always plagued the people; yet, they had managed to survive to pave the way to technological heights that we have been enjoying right now.

Those plagued and illnesses of the past had brought apparently insurmountable ordeal to their well-beings at that time in history. Nevertheless, they battled them head-on to give us the environment today, especially in knowing more about our health and fitness.

Before, you will never see a state-of-the-art exercise facilities and equipment to assist, support, aid, and help them to achieve optimum body fitness, such as treadmill, stationary bike, or gym apparatus.

Yoga is no different. It is a battle tested activity. Yoga stands the test of time. The same evolved and continuously evolving, thereby, benefiting the mankind, particularly those who consider yoga as life changing factor in their lives.

Nowadays, individuals are being stressed by so much pressure from work to earn money. They still forget the benefits of healthy lifestyle until they are already encountering health issues.

Thus, we have to be thankful today because comparing our lives right now than those who live in the remote past, we are still in a much more comfortable position.

Hence, it is now up to us whether we want to change our existing activities that harm our body into having an optimal physical condition and well-balanced mental faculties.

Final Thoughts

As we have said, no two people are alike. A good for one, yet, may be not for the others. In the same manner that the writer considers yoga practice a life changing factor for him. It taught, and continuously teaching, him discipline to be better each day and to achieve the results that a yoga practitioner desires to attain.

Yoga, as well, is a mind-body workout, which may translate to peace of mind, thus, reducing stress or anxiety.

For starters, yoga is for every one. It may or may not be an optimal workout but definitely it is worth trying and seeing first hand its consequential benefits. You will never know something, or the effect thereof, if you will not try it.


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