Yoga In The Modern World | How To Choose Yoga Videos

What is the importance of yoga in the modern life? What is yoga in the modern world? This will find significance in the subsequent discussion. Yoga is an abundant gift to humanity.

Yoga is one of the helpful disciplines, practices, and exercises out there to improve our body and mind. It creates calmness within ourselves and directs us from our real intentions and purposes. It shows us that, in every situation, there are ways we can achieve tranquility.

Yoga is for all persons who want to steer their lives towards attaining fitness and, more importantly, peace of mind. This is most especially so because our existence is replete with its physical, mental, and emotional ups and downs.

Mostly, women are hooked into this practice; yet, men are not precluded from indulging as well, although compared to interested women, number of men are lesser. Generally, men do not embark on yoga practice because they, most of the time, think that their bodies are stiff, rigid, and inflexible. Notably, flexibility is one of the pre-requisites.

Also, some men have the mindset that yoga is only for toning or weight loss, and not practically for strength augmentation. However, these are only misconceptions. In fact, men do need yoga. Surely, they will benefit from it just like women do.

Helpful technology 

Thanks to technology, especially the growth of digital information, one can give and share the importance of yoga in modern time. We now have online classes. Yoga class is no exception. There are various yoga online class, lecture, lessons platforms swarming the internet.

Interested people can instantly browse the internet to choose the best videos of yoga or even an online yoga class or tutorials. Yoga globally reaches people.

Nowadays, any person who likes to practice yoga can do so in a way just like a studio experience without leaving his or her home.

It may also be consumed through a downloaded or bought video tutorials. One of the features about yoga videos is that we can personalize our experience by choosing the types of yoga that interest us, the instructors we can resonate with, and when and where we want to practice.

There are so many options. Thus, it can be challenging for us to find the best yoga videos. If one is new to yoga, he or she might be overwhelmed with all of the yoga videos out there, especially for beginners.

What should you look for in a yoga tutorial, and Why Does it Matter?

Yoga experts, teachers and instructors alike, explain what you should know before your first yoga meeting, particularly the importance and what type of movements to you should expect, what one needs to wear, how to choose and find a beginner-friendly yoga class, and its basic etiquette.

First, it must be noted that yoga is more than physical fitness but also of mental and emotional fitness. Hence, a good instructor may beneficially guide your novice embarkation. It is easier and enjoyable to exercise and learn yoga, with all its detailed and techniques regarding physical and mental aspects, from an experienced and qualified instructor.

Second, as a beginner, you should respect your inner wisdom and limitations. Don’t rush to learn things that are not suitable for a novice. Every yoga has designs especially for beginner and don’t push yourself to do anything that feels very dangerous. With such attitude, you may never know that it might be wrong for you.

This word ‘Ahimsa’, which means the practice of non-harm, is essential to skillful but beneficial practice of yoga. Be aware of the limitations relevant to your specific capacities. For example, some poses are not to be practiced during pregnancy, when injured, or during menstruation cycle, whereas other poses may be very useful. Just ask your instructor

Third, the time and frequency of exercise. Most of us, especially working individuals, must balance the work time with the yoga moments, it will help you to be consistent in yoga. And when being consistent with yoga, you will gradually feel the benefits of it.

Consequently, you should aim for the frequency of your exercise. You should consider your mood and energy so as not to ruin your consistency.

Lastly, you should look for materials to be used, space needed, and attire to wear. It is important to know all the tools, materials, and equipment required so that you will feel comfortable in exercising yoga, let alone the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

How to choose the Best Yoga Videos?

There are numerous yoga videos available online particularly on YouTube. You might find difficult to choose which videos will be the best fit for you. However, there is an easy way to begin with.

Since you are in the internet, with the chunks of your time, you may want to search by relevant and pertinent keywords. It is significant being a yoga participant. For example, if you are starter to yoga, searched for “beginner to yoga’ or ‘introduction to practice yoga” and so on and so forth.

It may also be useful to acquaint yourself with some yoga terminologies. In this way, you can familiarize what each video is offering. Starting vinyasa to hatha to yin, there are various styles of yoga, and the practice of each style is quite distinct. That is the reason why it may also be useful to make research on different youtube instructors who will surface on your initial search. You may eventually find best yoga videos in youtube.

Once you have enrolled or integrated online with your objective of embarking on yoga journey, you must approach your class with clear goal of learning the rudiments, as a beginner, of yoga.

It cannot be gainsaid that you must be kind to your instructor and respect the content they offer. Moreover, it can be useful to find sessions where the teachers offer multiple variations for each style. This will help you find an exercise cycle that fits you, rather than pushing your body and mind into one set kind.

Styles you can consider in choosing yoga videos

Vinyasa Yoga

If you really intend and want to exercise yoga to sweat and have a full-body workout, this style might be good for you. In this Vinyasa, it is all about your movements and a quick series of poses.

Even if there is quite a bit of diversity in poses, there must be intention behind every movement you will do and want to do. This style is often executed while a music is being played in the background, as you are repeating the series of vigorous poses with tons of core practices thrown in there.

In Vinyasa session where the teacher has the group of music remix, it is easy to lose yourself in the subtlety of this exercise. After that, you will walk out feeling restored and reinvigorated.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the more an all-encompassing yoga of many types. It is not really a specific style of yoga. It may be what all yoga is derived from.

Thus, hatha yoga has a very diverse history dating back to its Hindu beginnings several ages ago. Hatha yoga usually indicates a mere beginner poses. By this alone, it may be suitable for new ones in the sessions.

This is more important for beginners because it will teach the basic pose, terminologies, techniques, and strategic breathing. Moreover, you will learn to love the significance behind the name Hatha: The word “hatha” is derived from ‘Ha’ meaning the sun and ‘Tha’ signifying the moon, in Sanskrit etymology.

Bikram Yoga

This yoga is different from any other. This is an intense style of yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees Farenheight. This strategy encourages the flexibility and the deepness of poses. It is a tradition and is a sequence of twenty six postures and breathing practices developed by Bikram Choudhury.

This session is coupled with music but constant signals and regulation from the teachers. The motive behind this session and the unwavering sequence of postures is to work every part of the body: organs, muscles, veins, and tendons.

Yin Yoga

If you are Looking to relax and unwind, you must take a Yin yoga session. This is best done before bedtime or after work hours.

This dreamy exercise will surely help induce you into a deep sleep or relieve your mind of the stressors of the day. This type of yoga is refreshing and is all about making the individual feel rejuvenated and renewed.

Tips and reminders for best yoga videos

Foremost, you must download a quality yoga video. In doing this, it will be easy for you to follow and understand the actual poses.

You should be able to learn:

  • what is being done
  • how should the positions of the yoga mat be
  •  counts for each position,
  • the frequency on how you should do it

You must learn this basic level for you to move. Failure to pass the most basic level will be fatal in your consistency to yoga.

Next, the videos you chose should guide you perforce, they must be easy, with understandable instructions. The actual executions and demonstrations must also be precise and clear. By simply watching and following the instructions, you should be able to execute the basics of achieving each pose and each transition.

You should focus on the breathing patterns as these will help you effortlessly execute poses. If you cannot understand the oral instructions, they are therefore are not clear and precise. Your video is no better than a book on yoga.

Last, good yoga videos must have an easy modification offered for you to easily execute the poses. Yoga can be hard and difficult; necessarily, beginners may frequently need modifications in their exercise so that they can learn even that which they cannot complete.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best yoga videos will determine your consistency in practicing the same. You must be careful which video you pick. Choosing crappy ones will result in a waste in time. Select what is best in terms of degree of difficulty, adaptability of your current strength, and your fitness goal.

Consider your schedule. Refrain from rushing to learn. In fact, you should take it easily, and gradually the learning process will progress in time.  Your instructor must clearly convey the methods and techniques he wants you to learn.

If you feel yoga is right for you, there is no reason for you to procastinate. You should start now, especially if you are battling for peace of mind. It will help you restore and refresh yourself.

Focus on the things you want to improve. Align yourself with your goals. Yoga is for physical, emotional, and mental fitness. So, choose your practice wisely.

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