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Astrology Yoga For Long Life | For Optimal Success

In this discussion, we shall aim to tackle astrology yoga for long life to gain optimal success. Astrology is a branch of science that is concerned with the study of planets and their impact on human lives. It is a collective term that refers to many branches or schools of traditional astrological techniques as a whole.

The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to join or unite. Thus, Yoga means union of mind and body. This may lead to permanent peace, perfect health, and immense happiness. It may be better to know how astrology and yoga, practiced together, can help a person live a healthy and prosperous life.

The meaning of the term ‘yoga’ has been defined in many different ways. In one sense, it refers to ‘union’, and in another, it represents a particular mental or physical state that can be reached by an individual, through deep meditation.


What is Astrology Yoga for long life?

As per the scriptures and the sages, some astrological yogas offer a person a long life. They may appear during a horoscope reading. The astrologer, who is quite aware of the yogas, with his experience in judging, can predict that an individual is going to live long enough.

Finding out the longevity of a person has been an age old practice followed by astrologers for centuries. It has been a very important aspect of that discipline. The sages and the ancient scholars were able to identify the various planetary combinations, which ensured longevity of life to an individual. They have made detailed observations. They are able to find out all the possible combinations that ensured longevity of life to a person, and they have segregated them into various groups.

The term ‘astral plane’ (also known as the plane of light) is often translated as ‘yoga plane’. However, there are other meanings associated with this term, such as the ability to enter into a trance-like state, or to communicate telepathically with other individuals. Similarly, some people believe that certain aspects of their astrological chart have been influenced by their own personalities or events from past lives.

Astrology and its connection to life

People have always been curious about the impact of stars on their lives. Astrology can be defined as the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.

Astrology has been used to predict events in one’s existence ever since. Even though its accuracy is debated, it still has a huge fan following across the globe. People do not shy away from consulting astrologers before making major decisions in their lives, be it marriage, career, or even education.

People today use different ways to know about their future and what is in store for them. They make use of daily horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, palmistry, and much more to know what lies ahead.

Zodiac signs

Every person wants to live a long, happy and healthy life. One of the most important factors that can help you to achieve or determine such is your astrological chart. Your Zodiac sign can play a vital role in your own perception of longevity and health. Nonetheless, it is best to make sure that you consult with a veteran astrologer before you embark on any journey or take any big step in your life.

Every zodiac sign has different traits. These traits give us an idea about our future, health, career, love-life, relationships, finance, and many other things. While some zodiac signs are adventurous and some are mysterious, there are some zodiacs who believe in living their lives to the fullest.

Astrology is one of the fields that has gained a lot of recognition over the years. Many people are looking towards astrology for answers to their various problems related to their lives and career. Some people want to know about their future through astrology so that they can take necessary precautions to avoid many troubles in their lives.

Besides studying the Zodiac signs, astrologers also study the position of stars, planets, moon and sun in the sky at the time of birth of an individual. This helps them to understand their character more accurately and effectively.

Astrological remedies

Astrological remedies are very powerful in reducing the effects of malefic planets and their conjunctions. This can be done by performing various rituals like chanting mantras, doing homas etc. If done properly, these remedies can really provide relief to a person suffering from any kind of illness or misfortune in life. However, not everyone has the time or resources to perform such rituals every day. This is where the role of Yoga comes into picture.

Astrology yoga

Astrology yoga is a particular disposition of planets, signs, and houses or a conjunction of planets that may provide indications of future happenings. For example, a person might have his moon and sun in the sign Leo. He is likely to have come about when the planet Jupiter was high in the sky and might be well-off as a result. It may also refer to the act of portraying an event using astrology to get a better comprehension of the horoscope of an individual.

Astrology yoga is a part of prediction. Astrology yoga is the ancient science based on the positions and movements of the planets and other celestial bodies like Sun and Moon. You must have heard of birth signs or zodiac signs. These are also determined by astrology yoga. An astrologer determines various events that can happen in your life by opening up an ephemeris. He then matches the time and dates of your birth with those given in an ephemeris or almanac.

In search for solution

Most of the individuals are engaged in searching for the solution that can help them to make their life prosperous. This yoga is considered as the most prominent option for them. It means that if a person wishes to gain lots of happiness and comfort in his or her life then it is mandatory for him or her to take steps toward growing the astrological assets which are already existing in the birth chart.

In astrology, certain yogas effects our life either bad or good in every walk of life. There are different types of astrological yogas that are formed according to the positions and combinations of planets in one’s horoscope. And when we say this yoga, we mean that these unique formations of planets and their positions affects the lives of people.

Which is the most powerful yoga in astrology?

In astrology, yoga may refer to the planetary combinations and their special results, which affect the life of an individual. According to astrology, there are certain specific planetary positions, which lead to the formation of a yoga. A yoga is formed when two or more planets get conjoined together in a zodiac house. Each yoga has its own significance, which eventually may offers some results.

A yoga is a combination of planets placed in a chart that exudes some sort of impact. A good yoga gives positive results while a bad yoga gives negative results.


There are so many Yogas in Astrology. Yet, some of them are really very strong and powerful that gives a person’s success beyond their imagination and makes them rich, wealthy and successful in their life.

Yogas in astrology

Each one has its own importance and effect on the life of an individual. One can say that Gajkesari yoga is one of the best yoga in astrology which is formed by the conjunction or aspect of Jupiter on Moon.

GajaKesari Yoga: This particularly auspicious combination denotes a happy life full of wealth and comforts. Gajakesari Yoga is not only strong but also highly beneficial for those who are born under this planetary combination. The yoga is formed when Jupiter and Moon are at an angular distance from each other. This gives a person wealth, intelligence and good children. The person becomes loving and caring, always eager to help people in distress.

This yoga is capable to give wealth, prosperity, fame, and success to a person. A person with this yoga will be rich, prosperous and highly dignified. However, it highly depends upon the other factors of his horoscope if there are any malefic planets or malefic houses affecting his Moon or Jupiter.

Then, such a person may not get success in life or he will have to struggle a lot but it does not mean that he will not get success in his life because even after having malefic effects the power of Gajkesari yoga cannot be denied but it delays the results for such a person.

So we should analyze each and every factor of horoscope of an individual before making any prediction about any particular yoga for that person.

Raj Yoga: This yoga is formed when a benefic planet gets exalted in a kendra (1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house) along with one more planet. It gives the best results in its Dasha. This yoga is considered to be one of the most auspicious yogas for career growth and financial gains.

It is considered that some of these Yogas are very powerful and fruitful and one can get success and victory in life by their grace. All such Raj yogas may not be present in a horoscope but even if one or two of them are present then it is considered that the person is very lucky.

Paravata Yoga: In this yoga, the lord of the ascendant is in the 8th house and the lord of the 8th house is in the ascendant. It makes a person rich, bold and courageous. He may be a scholar and will earn from all sources.

It is said to be formed when all the seven planets excluding Rahu are placed between Rahu and Ketu i.e Rahu should be at one end and Ketu at another end with seven planets placed between them. This yoga makes a person wealthy and famous throughout his life.

Vishkumbha Yoga: The lord of the ascendant is in the 7th house, and the lord of 7th house is in the ascendant. The person born with this yoga will be famous and prosperous. He may lose his father or mother at an early age but will have good fortune through life.

Preeti Yoga: Mars occupies 2nd, 4th, 6th or 12th houses from the lagna (ascendant) or Moon while Jupiter occupies 5th or 9th house from lagna/Moon but outside Mars’ sign of occupation. The native will be intelligent but will also have some physical defect. He will be wealthy and virtuous.

Hamsa Yoga: A person born in this yoga is blessed with good health, wealth and intelligence. He is religious, virtuous and has a magnetic personality. He is a famous person who will be respected by everyone. He has all the comforts of life and lives in a big house with all facilities. Such persons are short tempered but their anger passes away quickly. They are bold and have good friends.

Malavya Yoga: A person born in this yoga is wealthy, great, intelligent and generous. He will be successful in whatever he does. His life will be full of luxuries and comforts of life. He will be respected by everyone and will live happily with his wife, children and grand children. He will be an expert in the art of speech and his words will always be true. His eyes are attractive and he is humble by nature.

Ruchaka Yoga: A person born in this yoga is brave, strong, generous and intelligent. He is always victorious over his enemies and excels in everything he does. He loves music and dance, fine arts and good food. He loves to lead a luxurious life style surrounded by beautiful women around him.

These are instances of yogas in astrology, among others, which may be considered powerful or will have some significant impacts on one’s life.

Final Thoughts

Astrology yoga for long life is one of the most sought-after things by human beings across the globe. Most people know that they are suffering from various mental and physical ailments due to their karma. Yet, they don’t know what kind of yoga they need to perform. There are so many yogas taught in Astrology. Nevertheless, where to start and which ones are right for you is something that should be known to everyone.

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