Stationary Jogging: Is Jogging In Place A Good Exercise?

Jogging is an endurance exercise. Being such, it is a good fitness activity. As differentiated from running, jogging is more of a light workout. Although similarly situated, running is a fast pace jogging.

In starting a scheduled workout, it is most likely that a person will necessarily begin his warm up exercises. For that, jogging in place can be an option.

Stationary jogging may also be your initial regimen for the whole week or month, depending on your preference.

In saying that jogging in place is a good exercise, it is undoubtedly so because it balances between a person who wants to start his fitness journey and those who are in the category of intermediate or advanced.

For individuals who are at the beginning phase, your body is not yet ready for a more strenuous workout. Consequently, jogging in place can somehow jumpstart your exercise routine, thereby, gradually attaining your fitness goal.

Stationary Jog or Stationary Run

They may be the same, as they are performed in place. Nevertheless, it will all depend on the degree of effort exerted. Although somewhat similar, when you are working out and simulating a run in place, then, that will be stationary running.

The same may be true when simulating a jog. Their similarity, therefore, is the fact that they are done in place or in a stationary manner.

It is your call if you want intensity or not. Or you just want to breeze through your workout.

Jumpstarting your fitness goal

All of us want to achieve that optimum health level in our bodies. While some are having difficulty than others, yet, the desire to get into better shape is there. One cannot abruptly start, especially the first timer or those who have been in an exercise hiatus, to engage in an intense workout just to speed up the process.

Your body needs to adapt first. One good activity to embark initially is jogging, a light workout. You can do it in a stationary mode (jogging in place) or otherwise.

Jogging in place is practical, especially for those who do not want to go outside of their houses yet have time to indulge themselves in fitness endeavor.

The writer, himself, is a fitness enthusiast. When he was just starting out in his objective to have a fit and healthy lifestyle, he first engaged himself in several light workouts just to have that initial kick-in. One of those light workouts is stationary jogging.

It is best to start at 5 minutes per day per start of the workout. After one week, you may do 10 minutes until after you can perform for more than 30 minutes or more based on your increasing endurance level.

Is Jogging In Place Beneficial To Health?

All exercises, if done properly, can promote good health results to the body. Physical activity in the form of a fitness workout, coupled with a healthy meal plan, can make one achieve the optimum health level of his well-being.

Hence, jogging in place, being a form of exercise, can have a beneficial effect on one’s health. Of course, in the long term, you may want to have a variety of workout regimens, aside from jogging only.

Because your body has achieved that level of endurance or stamina, you may now have the capacity to execute a next-level workout. Or you may now have attained the stage at which you can accomplish a more intense exercise as possible.

The writer had the experience of being fat. He had suffered hypertension. When he recovered, he made a vow that he will indulge in a healthier lifestyle. True to his promise, he began the first week of the month, after having recovered and rested, jogging in place.

He jogged 5 minutes in the morning daily everyday for two weeks. After that, he increased his jogging time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. That was for another two weeks.

The next month, he doubled his stationary jogging period from 10 to 20 minutes.  During this extent, while still doing his jogging exercise, this time for 30 minutes, he added afterwards another physical fitness activity that his body can now handle–mild circuit training. He was slowly building his stamina.

In the third month, he strategically ventured into intensity training which again his body can withstand. He bought P90X. He tried it in the 5th month. It was difficult but satisfying, although he could not perform some of the exercises because of their inherent difficulty.

At this point, the writer did not do jogging in place anymore. Instead, he obtained a stationary bike. The new routine was P90X in the morning then stationary bike for 40 minutes in the evening. What the writer liked most in P90X was Yoga X. It has a beginner-friendly approach, yet with a building up intensity as you go along with the exercise.

Seeing that he cannot fully complete the exercises in P90X, he turned into the famous “insanity” workout. It is focused on bodyweight training on a high-intensity level. It is called high-intensity interval training [HIIT]. This was a bang! While difficult, still, compared to P90X, all of the exercises are doable provided you have the needed endurance and stamina.

– Writer’s Own Experience

That was the fitness journey the writer took. Yet, it all started with jogging in place. It sets in motion the sequence of events that led to attaining the level of endurance and stamina required for a next-level physical workout.

Significant Benefits of Jogging in Place 

As jogging is an exercise, there are lots of significant benefits that it can provide your body, namely:

It can remove you from the exercise plateau.

It can help you lose weight.

It can fortify your immune system and strengthen it.

It has a positive effect on insulin.


Some people jog in place, and while that seems silly, there is actually some evidence that jogging in place improves your fitness.

This takes a little practice, but once you’ve got it down, it’s easy. Just alternate between standing and jogging in place, in a figure eight around the track.

Is jogging beneficial! Is jogging good! Of course, and without a doubt, jogging, whether stationary or otherwise, is a good fitness activity.

Looking and finding ways to indulge in next level workout

However, it is suggested that if you have attained the level of sufficient stamina and endurance needed for a next-level fitness routine, you may want to explore other physical workouts.

You may want to indulge in a much more intense exercise when your body can already handle it. This will give you even more health benefits in the long run.

Jogging in place is a good start up, or you can maintain that level of physical activity if your only goal is to comply with the minimum health protocols as suggested by your physician or nutritionist or your body can only do so much. Either way, it is better than no exercise at all.

Endurance Training versus Intense workout

Jogging is more of an endurance training. Just like running, it is also an aerobic exercise. It keeps your heart, lungs, and respiratory system healthy.

On the other hand, an intense workout relates to the anaerobic exercise of those like weightlifting or burst of energy workout such as high-intensity interval training.

For starters, it is preferred to start first on a light fitness activity, then, gradually move up the ladder to eventually perform high intensity training.

Jogging is one of the best things you can do for your health. It is aerobic: it speeds up your breathing and your circulation. It improves your balance. It burns calories. My doctor says that jogging is the single most effective exercise you can do.


Final Thoughts

Stationary Jogging is different from jogging outdoors The main benefit is the safety. You are inside your home, so no matter how light or dark it might be outside, you have the safety of being inside.

It is easier to concentrate on your workouts without the distraction of people, dogs, cars, etc. All you need is to focus on your workout schedule that you have made for yourself.

Endurance is the name of the game when it comes to jogging, and how long you can jog in place can help determine your level of endurance.

While most people think that jogging involves running, you can actually jog in place, which is just as good for your body.

If you jog in place, you are walking, you are jogging, and you are exercising all at the same time. You are doing a lot for your health, and you can do it anywhere.

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