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High End Yoga Clothes | Why Are Yoga Clothes So Expensive?

The quarantine period beginning March 2020, which undoubtedly brought us great misery, had also introduced us to the version of ourselves who are creative and active even while staying at home. We look for ways to spend our precious time wisely, to the point that all possible activities had been trending.

Some of us, if not most, have a plant we desperately want to grow a new leaf. Some had learned how to crochet and had already filled a cabinet of different crocheted garments.

We all became Gordon Ramsay and feel that we are being featured for a cooking show because of all the menus we came up with.

Some had lavishly spent money for a new skincare item, which was seen as an advantage for producers to create skincare items that will pass the scrutiny of the people.

More importantly, people became concerned with their health to help prevent contracting the CoVid-19. Because gyms and parks were closed, people started to gain interest in doing exercises at home.

However, we are all aware of the fact that home is a place to rest and lay down all day. One way to overcome it? Buy workout clothes and equipment.

Remember when we were kids, where we were all excited about new school supplies? We got very motivated to study by just seeing how notebooks look clean and crayons are complete, right? Yes, the same sentiments with the workout clothes.

Why are yoga pants so popular?

Yoga pants are not a thing, as for the author, pre-pandemic. In fact, not many people actually “do yoga” and buy clothes for that. Still, we wonder why yoga clothes are popular.

During the height of the pandemic, as people become captivated with the idea of exercising, the social media influencers created content about their daily “quarantine” routine.

Aside from making their own healthy dishes, they show themselves doing yoga and other physical activities in their fine, lovely yoga clothes.

They are called “influencers” for a reason. They tend to stimulate our minds into thinking and agreeing that yoga and doing exercise should also form part of our daily routine.

Furthermore, people think that they need the same yoga clothes to perfectly perform such activities. Hence, higher demand for yoga clothes.

Another reason why yoga pants are popular is that the brands made them so. The popularity of the brand all depends on how you present it and how you sell it to the internet.

Selling online is easier now, with all the time being spent browsing through our phones. You can now pay for the advertisement of your products on the Facebook and Instagram platforms which are being utilized by the sellers to promote their products on a wide scale.

Moreover, they pay social media influencers to advertise for their product if they think that such person has a huge following who watch their videos for their workout exercises routine.

Brands can easily manipulate buyers into thinking that yoga clothes are a necessity now. Now comes the climax.

You search for yoga clothes website or even social media business accounts which sells yoga clothes, and surprisingly, they are all expensive.

You think if these are even worth your money. Nevertheless, you purchase it because of how heavily influenced you are.

Why are yoga sportswear expensive?

Let us run down some reasons why they are expensive.

First, the growing demand for sportswear clothes has led to higher prices because producers and sellers think that if people are so engrossed with doing yoga exercises and checking out yoga sportswear clothes, they must take this as an advantage to capitalize on your interest.

They produce a variety of designs and colors that effortlessly captivate your hearts and make you give in to purchasing.

Moreover, the demand increases because yoga or workout clothes are no longer being used only for exercise but also for lounging around the house because of how comfortable they can be.

Next, high-end yoga clothes brands use a different kind of fabric that does not absorb sweat or moisture, hugs your curves perfectly, and moves with your body gracefully into several yoga positions.

Who would want to wear yoga clothes that make you feel gross and gunky after a tiring exercise? We, at the very least, would want to stay in our expensive yoga clothes, take some pictures and just feel the clothes to our body to make the most out of our penny.

Why is Lululemon expensive?

One known expensive yoga clothes brand is Lululemon. Lululemon is a Canadian brand that started in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada.

They started as a small standalone store which only offers yoga clothes for women. However, due to good feedbacks and demands, they now offer yoga clothes even for men.

What makes them stand out is that their designers are athletes and people who love to do sweaty exercises.

According to them, Lululemon paved the way for the creation of empowering community that motivates and inspires one another to live a healthy and active life.

Lululemon offers a wide variety of high-end fabrics that suits different kinds of workout. For example, they have the “Abrasion Resistant” clothes which cater to exercises that are rough and hard.

They use fabrics that mix polyester, spandex, and cotton. They also claim that it is smooth and hugs your body well like a second skin.

They also offer kinds of clothes which are thick but elastic which will enable you to still move in your desired direction.

Lululemon does not only owe their success to the product alone. It also goes with other strategies such as putting inspirational messages on the walls of their stores which creates a non-judgmental space for individuals who are just starting to exercise, and motivational space for people who lost the spark in them for physical activities.

Moreover, Lululemon is widely known for its embracing environment, one for their employees because Lululemon helps them to aspire for their personal goals and make them cheerful so that it matches the brand.

They are also known for their loyalty to their customers because they make clothes that are not “one size fits all”, rather, provides for a wide range of sizes which makes people feel that exercising is not only for the already “fit” people but also for people who want to be fit and healthy.

Lululemon’s products are expensive because they use premium machines and fabrics. They are always focused on expanding their knowledge and innovating to ensure the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their consumers.

Is Lululemon worth the money?

Researches about Lululemon provides that despite their expensive yoga clothes, you get your money’s worth. Many say that Lululemon now tops the market that sells athletic clothes.

Lululemon rarely gives discounts for their products because they know that their consumers are pleased to purchase their products at full price.

Moreover, their clothes, although designed for working out and doing exercises, can also be worn post-exercise and even when not exercising at all, just to lounge around the house.

One Lululemon avid user stated that their products feel better than other brands within the same market. Some say that their yoga pants last for 3 years already.

However, some people say that the price is just too much. Although their products are at the top, it just does not justify the price of every product.

Mind you, their leggings to sportswear shorts range from $90 to $130. According to some enthusiasts, their secret formula for success is their consistent high price in exchange for quality garments.

To sum up, Lululemon’s price is still acceptable for some individuals but unjustifiable for others. This largely depends on the:

  • interest of a person
  • money available
  • extent of how influenced they are

Workout clothes

Applicable is the phrase “dress for success” with workout clothes because when you want to be motivated just put on some good workout clothes and your mind shifts to feel happier, more active, and fun.

Clothes subconsciously change how you act. You will feel like the lead character putting on their costumes to save the world. As such, it makes your mind prepared for the activities and results in better performance.

It also makes you more confident and sexier which leads to activated focus. Some may also opt for different colors and designs of workout clothes.

Final Thoughts

There have been studies that provide that color changes your mood and makes you express yourselves more clearly and effectively.

Recently, the pandemic has boosted the sales of workout clothes such as leggings and sports bras because they are not only appropriate for active sports but also for just resting because of how it feels like you are not wearing anything.

So the verdict for workout clothes: It’s a thumbs up!

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