Trap Yoga: What Is Trap Yoga?

Yoga has been a powerful mind and body exercise. Throughout the years, and with the advancement of technology, exercises and fitness workouts have been constantly evolving. Yoga is no exception. Yoga, as a fitness endeavor, has also been in constant revolution. In this post, we will center on trap yoga. What is trap yoga?

Traditional yoga focuses on meditation; thus, doing asanas while concentrating to connect with the body. Therefore, yoga, as an orthodox practice, is a fixed gradual movement of the body, with meditative breathing, coming from one position then leading to another.

Breathing [pranayama], meditation, and poses [asanas] are the key factors and components in executing the yoga, as we commonly know it.

What is Trap Yoga?

Progressively, trap yoga is an emerging form of fitness activity [yoga], a type of Vinyasa that combines trap music with asanas.

trap yoga beat

It is a yoga execution of poses being done while synergizing the movements with that type of music. A trap melody is a rap music beat that has a slow rhythmic sound focusing more on bass tone and output.

Basically, it’s a vinyasa-style yoga flow paired with trap music (a type of hip hop infused with heavy bass and rhythmic beats) specifically curated for her class by DJ TrueStarr. Throw in Floyd-Mayo’s vivacious energy and specific brand of motivation — which she calls “ratchet affirmations” — that offer real world advice and inspiration and, boom, you have a full body workout.

Getting Down at Trap Yoga [1]Getting Down at Trap Yoga

On another point:

Trap yoga is a style of yoga class that combines the physical asana practice with trap music, a type of hip-hop that originated in the southern United States. Brandon Copeland, a Washington, D.C.-based yoga instructor, is credited with developing the practice.

Trap Yoga[2]Trap Yoga, Yogapedia

When doing this yoga, one has to twerk his body into the beat of rap music–heavy bass and hypnotic beat pace–accompanying the movement. This is performed in the transition of asanas postures. It is a slow and rhythmic dance which guides the change from one posture to another.

Accidental Discovery

Trap yoga’s origin may, otherwise, be accidental, and, according to its progenitor, an offshoot of cultural preference, if not directly attributing it to form of racisms, which we do not want to imagine in the first place. .

The exercise’s unintentional founding took its root from the notion that a colored lady has the indirect burden of mingling with thin, sexy white female in terms of practicing the yoga.

Hence, trap yoga is born, a highly motivated self-care workout with cultural relevance.

The beat that breathes life into trap yoga

Unlike the traditional yoga practice, trap yoga is an un-orthodox and un-dogmatic approach to the latter’s known style and key movement transitions.

Your body sings and sways with the beat of rap sound as you go along with your yoga executions. In this manner, your inner strength is stimulated by the music itself.

You connect your mind to your body through the medium of the trap music. Consequently, you are energizing your transition while breathing with your slow twerking movements.

This is new, yet, fun to do. Enjoying the rhythm and beat sound while toning your body with yoga workout. That is, undoubtedly, cool, if not borderline amazing.

trap yoga

For more visual guide, you can check this one!

Effect of Modern Advancements

Many people right now are fast adapting to the speed of technology. This burst of progress allows some traditional point of views to be modified to some extent.

This happens in the realm of music, lifestyles, health, and exercise and fitness, among others. As thinking specie, we want, in almost all facets of life, something new that we can explore with, whether intentional or unintentional and wittingly or unwittingly.

We are continuous innovators of something or anything that might interests us, in our own perceptions of novel ideas.

Thus, even by accidental fate, this type of yoga was brought to its existence, through the help of progressive music and cultural lifestyles, and most importantly, albeit tacitly, developmental changes.

Is trap yoga a good yoga workout?

From traditional yogis, obviously, the way this is practiced, trap yoga will not serve yoga’s fundamental objective, at least for some purist.

Yoga, as it is widely perceived, uses a from of peaceful, concentrated, focused, and targeted meditation [pranayama] to make the mind and body in union with the soul.

Nonetheless, at the rate the progressive minds, especially the western culture, are thinking and interpreting every situation based upon the continuous evolution of our existence, there may be variances of opinions as to what really are the guidelines for achieving that mind-body-soul state.

More often than not, it will be viewed by modern thinkers as something that is relative to each person depending on his religious, spiritual, cultural, and even racial beliefs.

Thus, a better workout?

Maybe for the proponents and followers, yes. Likewise, it may be popular to those fitness enthusiasts who view yoga only as a physical and health exercise, and they are looking for some variations in their activities as such.

But more interestingly though, this is in general a good alternative form of workout, as any other exercise for that matter.

If your only objective is to have a physical rejuvenation, better health condition, or bodily activities, this trap yoga cannot be distinguished from any other form of fitness variations. However, this will ultimately benefit the body.

It is just a matter of preference, personality, lifestyle, and possibly cultural relevance that this type of yoga may find import as a distinctive exercise approach in this generation, in regard to yoga modification.

Yoga Evolution: What is the significance in this modern era?

Yoga is an abundant gift to mankind. Whether traditional [as the ancient practiced it] or attuned more to physical fitness goals, yoga absolutely helps the body, enhances one’s health, or contribute to better well-being.

Consequently, it does not matter, in terms of over all active fitness lifestyle, what do you believe [or what is your belief] about yoga, such as but not limited to, being physical, metaphysical, spiritual, and the likes.

What is important: it does help our mind and body, most especially our health and total fitness.

The yoga evolution only affirms the significance of yoga in our [or in modern] lives. People tend to invent, craft, innovate, and design any form of body exercise in order to achieve that optimum well-being.

As such, knowledge about yoga and its helpful practice provides such vehicle for innovations and variations, without compromising or sacrificing its fundamental postures.


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